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Shark Steam Mop

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Shark Steam MopIs the Shark Steam Mop a must-have cleaning tool for hard floors?

I have dark-brown laminate floors in my home, which are difficult to keep looking clean. The floors used to get grungy no matter how often I cleaned, or what type of cleaning method I used. Finally, I decided to give the Shark Professional Steam Pocket Mop a try. After six months of using it around the house, I wonder how I ever cleaned without it. While the steam mop is more expensive than your regular mop, it is worth every penny. In fact, the Shark Steam Mop has made cleaning…fun.   

What does it do?
The Shark Steam Mop blasts super-hot steam on your floors to banish dirt and grime.  No detergent, no chemicals, and no harsh cleaners are required. If you are skeptical about steam’s ability to thoroughly clean floors, you are not alone. When I fired up the Shark Steam Mop, I expected a superficial cleaning at best. The results were surprising.

The Shark Steam Mop lifted four weeks of dirt buildup, scuff marks, grease and stains from our laminate floors. It also left our bathroom tiles sparkling. The intense steam doesn’t just clean, it sanitizes. You will have to use the mop for yourself to understand the difference. After cleaning with the Shark Steam mop, our floors feel great to walk on, they are not sticky, and they look almost sterile. The heat of the steam emitted from the Shark Steam Mop promises to kill 99 percent of bacteria, dust mites, germs, and mold on contact. For allergy-sufferers, like me, the Shark Steam Mop is a boon. (Of course, you still need to vacuum first.)

How it works: Fill the water tank in the Shark Steam Mop. Plug the mop into an outlet. Wait approximately 30 seconds. The mop starts hissing and releases a burst of steam onto the cleaning pads.  Choose from three settings – dust, mop, or scrub--depending on the type of floor and level of clean you want. Steam away.

*For delicate floors, it is recommended you use the lowest dust setting. Full disclosure:  I cheat occasionally and use the scrub setting because it is more effective.

1. Lightweight and easy to maneuver
2. Effective on scuff marks and grease
2. Steam evaporates fast, floors dry very quickly
3. Chemical-free cleaning
4. Microfiber cleaning pads are two-sided and super absorbent, lasting through more cleaning sessions
5. Reusable cleaning pads can be washed in your washing machine
6. Convenient attachment for carpet cleaning
8. Super long cord so you don’t have to unplug the mop often

1.Pricier than a bucket and mop

Model: S3601 | SKU: 2037854

This steam mop features 3 steam settings to clean and sanitize hard floor surfaces with chemical-free, super-heated steam. The swiveling head and 2-sided cleaning pads allow more cleaning with fewer pad changes.

Sale: $129.99

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