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New laptop graphics, now with less "m"

by ‎09-14-2016 08:39 AM - edited ‎02-27-2018 03:34 PM (19,482 Views)

18in MSI 1080If you’ve looked at or shopped for a gaming laptop in the past that was equipped with a Nvidia GPU you’ve almost undoubtedly noticed the “m” moniker next to its GPU model number. This identified it as a trimmed down mobile version of the desktop equivalent designed to work within the tighter power and thermal constraints of the laptop form factor. While generating substantially less heat and drawing less power, the side effect of these trims was a significant drop in performance compared to their full-sized desktop brethren.



Unlike the past CPU generations, the last few GPU’s iterations have come with significant performance, efficiency, and feature updates. This year though Nvidia blew everyone away with its 10xx series GPU’s based on their new Pascal architecture. This new architecture features technologies that not only greatly improve VR rendering, but also boast double the gaming performance over the last generation equivalent in some cases, all while substantially improving power and thermal efficiency.



Asus 17in 1070Because of these efficiency improvements, Nvidia has decided to drop the “m” from the mobile versions of their Pascal based GPU’s, signaling the industry and consumers that the performance divide between mobile and desktop GPU’s is closing. As a result, laptop buyers can now expect mobile graphics and gaming performance that more closely mirrors that of full-sized desktop GPU’s, a huge win for gamers everywhere.



If you’ve been waiting for Pascal or just so happen to be in the market for a new gaming laptop Best Buy is already carrying a variety of options from MSI and Asus equipped with new Pascal GPU’s. Have you had any experience with the new Pascal graphics cards? Tell us about your experience with Nvidia’s newest GPU’s below.

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