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Netflix-Ready Devices

by on ‎11-04-2009 10:42 AM (9,522 Views)

With the recent addition of the PlayStation 3 to the growing list of Netflix-ready devices it was only a matter of time before rumors of the service coming to the Nintendo Wii started to abound.  The ability to stream video on demand is, after all, one of the largest growing trends in consumer electronics, with support being integrated into everything from Blu-ray players to TVs to home theater systems.

So, what does this mean for the average consumer?  Well, apart from having yet another entry to compare on product specification pages, it also means that consumers may soon be able to do away with their computer entirely when it comes to watching their favorite movies on demand through web-based services.  Want to watch that latest zombie flick on your big screen TV instead of your computer monitor?  No problem!  Just queue the movie up on your PS3 or DVD player.  Want a second peek at that clip you saw at a friend’s house?  Why not sign into your Netflix account using their home theater system, reserve the title, and then watch it later using your Xbox 360?

What other kind of services would you want to see incorporated into home theater equipment?  For that matter, where else would you want to see Netflix compatibility?

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