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National Weatherman’s Day

by Retired: Senior Social Media Specialist on ‎02-07-2016 08:00 AM - last edited on ‎02-11-2016 01:23 PM by (17,778 Views)

Today is the day we honor those special forecasters who help us prepare for the adverse conditions that precipitate living in an atmosphere such as ours. In other words- we thank the guy who says it’s gonna rain. If it weren’t for the weather people out there, many of us would be in rough shape when big storms come along- like the huge blizzard that hit the east coast. So to help you get ready for when the forecast calls for another big one, Best Buy has a few items that might come in handy.


Chest FreezersChest Freezers


Let’s say there is blizzard on its way that is predicted to immobilize your city, well with one of our chest freezers you should be able to load up on enough food to ride it out like a champion. Select from one of many sizes available that should suit the needs of just about any household.



Smart ThermostatsSmart Thermostat


Want to make sure the house is warmed up to your liking by the time you leave work? Make sure you have one of these awesome smart thermostats installed in your home. By connecting to your Wi-Fi, you can take control of your environment from almost anywhere in the world.



Space HeatersSpace Heaters


It’s still a bit chilly out there, so make sure you have yourself a personal space heater to warm the cold corners of your abode. Go ahead and check out our selection of awesome heaters that we are sure will be worth your while.


Weather RadiosWeather Radios


In the event that you are in a Day After Tomorrow style weather-pocolypse and are cut off from all power and communication- a weather radio will be the best way of keeping track of what’s going on out there. Make sure you are not out of luck by looking into our selection available here.



Well that’s all for now, make sure to stay prepared for anything the sky has to throw at you!

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