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National Love Your Pet Day!

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A few days ago, we celebrated Valentine’s Day.  This week, we celebrate other soul mate(s) in our lives – our pets!  It’s National Love Your Pet Day on Saturday, February 20th & if you’re anything like us, you already have your puppy/kitty/chinchilla/tortoise/goat/ etc.- friendly cake prepared + party hats all picked out.  You’re ready to dazzle your fur kid with your thoughtfulness!   We have some  purrfect options to help you celebrate.  


Being away 8 hours a day while you’re at work can be stressful on you & your pet.  We may have something to help relieve some of their (your) anxiety & allows you to s̶t̶a̶l̶k̶ monitor your fuzz balls while you’re busy working hard to give them the good life.   


petzi.jpgThe Petzi Treat Cam is a wide angle camera with high-quality video which connects through Wi-Fi. This allows you watch them & to communicate with your pets vocally so you can gently redirect their behavior if they need it.  Or you can just use it to quietly whisper to them that you love them & that they make your world go round.  Bonus, you can reward them with treats when they prove they’re really absorbing all the life wisdom you’ve given them over the years by actively staying off of the kitchen table or refraining from eating your shoes.  It works with both Apple (iOS 7 or later) & Android (4.0 or later) platforms so most pets can be included regardless of their pawrents OS preferences.  Full product details can be found here



While having pets is truly a source of joy for many, it does have a (small) trade off.   It is totally worth it, but the fur situation can get, well, a bit hairy.  While your pet may think they are granting you with this wonderful gift that keeps on giving, it’s nice to have something on your side to reclaim your furniture.   Hoover’s Wind Tunnel High Capacity Pet Upright Vacuum can do just that.   It comes with some pet specific attachments- like the Turbo Pet Tool+ Pet Power brush.  Plus, it has enough suction to help you remember that your couch was once blue & restore it to its former glory.  This may be more for you than your pets, but it’s important to treat yourself too.   Additional details can be found here.


The Social Connections & Innovation Team + our 4-legged cuties hope you all have a wonderful day celebrating this Saturday!  Whether you pick up one of these ideas, grab a bag of extra smelly treats, scoop up a new jingly toy, or just take some time to stare them in the eyes & profess your utter devotion to them, we wish you a little extra bit of happiness on this day.  Feel free to check out some of the critters who have our hearts below! 



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