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Mobile Code FAQ

by ‎08-26-2010 11:17 AM - edited ‎09-30-2010 04:36 PM (24,777 Views)

Have a question about mobile codes?  Then you've come to the right place!



1.    What are MOBILE codes?

A Mobile Code is any two-dimensional (DataMatrix or QR code) or linear bar code (UPC) which can be read by a smart phone, linking the physical world with the on-line world. Some bar code symbologies are in the public domain, such as UPC and DataMatrix and some symbologies are proprietary (e.g. Microsoft’s Tag and EZ codes).  Bar Code scanners today are “image scanners” and since most smart phones have cameras built into them we can now use them as personal bar code scanners!

2.    Do I need software to read a Mobile Code?

Yes, the Best Buy app is free software you can download to your phone and it contains a bar code reader. The reader will scan several types of mobile codes, including Best Buy and non Best Buy codes. To download the reader, simply follow these instructions:


a.    Text “APP” to 332211.    Click on the link that is returned
c.    Download and install the Best Buy app on your phone
d.    Launch the app, push the yellow Mobile Code symbol and hover the phone over the code.  Try this one:




3.    What phones are supported?

The Best Buy reader is available on most iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile and BlackBerry devices.  Currently there is no bar code reader available for Palm.

4.    Do I have to buy a new phone?

No, Best Buy has written their app to work on older phones, too. You do, however, have to have a fairly recent version of your phone’s operating system.

5.    What service plans will I need?

The service relies on a data plan from your provider. The amount of bandwidth consumed varies based on the product experience rendered. If you do not have an unlimited data plan, please plan accordingly. Remember, watching videos can use more bandwidth than viewing mobile web pages.

6.    What type of bar codes can I scan with the Best Buy app?

The Best Buy app reads QR (Quick Response) Codes, which are the square two-dimensional bar codes with the three smaller squares in the upper right and left of the bar code and in the lower left.   The Best Buy app can also read UPC codes (the codes used at cash registers in stores). However you will have the most fun with QR codes right now. You can use the Best Buy reader to scan QR and UPC codes from other companies. The app does not currently read Data Matrix codes which are square two-dimensional codes, but they don’t have the three smaller squares in them.

7.    What will happen when I scan the Mobile Code?

After reading a Best Buy Mobile Code you will be taken to a mobile web page that contains item specific or general information or perhaps a song or video. You can use the Best Buy app to compare a number of products or narrow your selection of items based on parameters you select while in the store. In the future mobile codes will take you to a Geek Squad Agent Chat session or an “un-boxing” video, or give you the ability to create a wish list. When reading a non-Best Buy QR code, if it is a generic code that does not depend on interaction with a specific app, you should get the same experience that company intended with their QR codes. We are just starting to use mobile codes in our stores and Sunday inserts and we are looking forward to hearing from our customers and Blue Shirts on what kind of experiences you want us to build for you.  We’ve set up a web site to get your input ( You do need to register, but it’s quick.

8.    Is there any personal information involved?

No personal information is obtained from your phone. If you have the Best Buy app and have logged in, your RewardZone information may be used to create a personalized experience.

9.    How do mobile codes work?

The Best Buy app includes the software required to turn your phone into a scanner. All you need to do is initiate the scanner and hover the phone over the code. The app scans the code and launches the corresponding experience. It’s the best of both worlds; you can be on-line and in the store at the same time!  

10.    How do I save the data for use later?

On the iPhone and Android, add the product to your cart. Products added to your cart are available until removed. On all other devices, simply bookmark the page to return to it later.

11.    What prices will I see on my mobile device?

You will see our regular prices.  In some cases they may vary from the in-store price.  

12.    What if I have trouble with the Best Buy app or the bar code scanner function?

You can either call 888-BestBuy (888- 237-8289) or send an email to

We will soon be transitioning all support needs to

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