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Keeping Cozy This Winter

by on ‎12-09-2017 05:24 PM (37,127 Views)

We're knee-deep in the holiday season, and we couldn't be jollier!  As the end of the year grows nearer, so does the perfect time to give something special to your friends and loved ones.  Here at Best Buy, we believe there's a perfect gift for everyone, and we've put together a few suggestions in our Holiday Gift Guide to help take guessing out of the game.


If you live up north like me, though, it can get quite chilly during the winter months, so here are a few gifts you can pick up for you or a friend at Best Buy this Christmas.


fireplacetrue.jpgConsider picking up a space heater next time you're at Best Buy if you want to avoid cranking up the heat and getting hit with a larger electrical bill!  Not only do you have control over the heat's intensity, you won't be wasting energy (or money) on heating an entire house if you're the only one home.  Most space heaters are portable too, so you can move it from room to room, or even take it to the office in preparation for the winter months ahead.


Along the same lines, a more permanent solution for a bigger budget may be an electric fireplace.  Not only do these nifty gadgets keep you nice and toasty in the snowy weather, they often double as a flashy piece of decor with realistic flames entrancing you with warm, orange flames and quiet crackling.  Just picture yourself all curled up in a nice soft blanket, sprawled out in your leather recliner chair, listening to the "Queen of Christmas" Mariah Carey serenade you by the fire.  Comforting thought, isn't it?


Sometimes, though, you just need a good old cup o' joe to warm your insides up.  Don't bother braving the bleak midwinter and driving to a coffee shop, though; you can brew up some coffee while staying nice and toasty inside with your own personal Keurig!  If you want to learn more about these incredible machines, take a look at my blog post here from earlier this year.


5578072_sd.jpgLast but not least, if you just can't help but go explore the outdoors and make a snowman or two, be sure you remember your fleece-lined beanie.  This useful little piece of headwear even comes with built-in LED lights to keep the fun going all night long!  You may want to turn it off if you're partaking in a snowball fight, though; you wouldn't want to give away your second-to-none hiding space, would you??


Now that we've browsed through our unofficial winter collection, is there anything you have your eyes on this winter?  Drop us a note below, or tag a friend if you think you've been extra good this year! You never know when Santa might surprise you. Smiley Wink


From all of us at Best Buy, have a safe and happy holiday season!

on ‎12-28-2017 02:30 AM

Those are great stuff as gifts! Never too late

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