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E3 @ Best Buy: Brian's Take

by Retired: Senior Social Media Specialist ‎06-22-2016 02:00 AM - edited ‎06-22-2016 09:41 AM (18,975 Views)


E3 at Best Buy



If you’re a gamer in any regard, you’re probably used to the feeling of looking forward to... something; be it the release of a game, a large event of sorts, or possibly even a simple gathering of friends to talk about what games you’re currently playing. One thing is for certain, though. We all look forward to E3 every year. E3, or The Electronic Entertainment Expo, is an annual trade show for the entire video game industry, which often serves as center-stage for developers to show their new and upcoming video games. I’ve never personally attended, but you can bet that I’m glued to the live-stream events as they occur and this year was no different! Here are some of my personal highlights from this year’s event:




Legend of ZeldaThe Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wind-


I originally heard that the playable Demo for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wind (it has a name now!!) at E3 could take up to 90 minutes to complete and apparently that was pretty spot on. The size of the map was revealed and immediately, the new Zelda title is being compared to the likes of Skyrim in scale. While I thought this may be received a bit apprehensively amongst some, that’s actually quite far from the reality. Everyone, myself included, cannot wait to experience a franchise we’ve loved since childhood in such a large, dynamic environment. What impressed me more-so is that with such a large vision with the environment, it seems Nintendo has gone back to the basics with the overall experience. Exploration and free-roam were what made the original Zelda games so enjoyable and immersive.




Battlefield 1-Battlefield 1


There’s no way that I’m alone in feeling that the First Person Shooter genre really could use a ‘reboot’ of sorts and what better way to do this than go back to the basics and simplicity of World War 1 weaponry, mechanics, and overall look & feel. With that, there was a good amount of speed and fast-paced action, which looks to be a great balance along with the previously mentioned simplification of weaponry. I haven’t been nearly this excited for a new ‘shooter’ game and Battlefield 1 will be a pre-order title for me, without question.





God of WarGod of War-


I’ll admit, this is a series that I’ve actually never played, despite hearing nothing but positive things about the game(s). While watching the E3 trailer, I couldn’t help but feel that this is a ‘new beginning’ for the series and with doing an overall reboot, it’ll likely result in a lot of new players. I mean, it certainly worked on me! The level of texture detail, the physics and overall fluidity of moment, and the environment were all incredibly encapsulating. God of War, from what I’ve seen, is an absolute ‘must buy’.







Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn-


This game came out of absolutely nowhere for me! It was immediately refreshing to see a female protagonist outside of the normal franchises we’re used to seeing such things (looking at you, Tomb Raider). Though, Horizon Zero Dawn looks to have a lot more depth in regards to actual Role Playing elements, aside from the primary focus being action adventure and explorative in nature. The theme of large, vast worlds continues with Horizon and from the bit I saw, there’s a very dynamic and reactive map that helps keep the pace within the game. 





There were quite a few games showcased this year that could easily be considered highlights, but I thought it’d be better to not blur the lines between a blog and what would likely be considered a novel. There were quite a few things outside of games themselves that really caught my eye at E3 as well!


One particular thing that I absolutely want to call out is the recent shift to more real-time demo/playability when games are announced at E3. In the past, it’s always been an announcement, follow-up by a date when you could try maybe a demo, or even a beta. While watching the conferences this year, it was a constant barrage of “Coming in 2017…. But, you can play the demo……..




I’m truly not sure what it is, aside from simply loving the instant gratification. I sure hope this trend stays and expands even further. Now that I’ve shared a few things that really piqued my interest at E3 this year, feel free to leave a comment and share what got all of you excited during this year’s conference!



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