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Best Buy has what you need to get geared up for a ghost hunt.

by on ‎10-28-2015 12:29 PM (13,855 Views)

It’s October, which for me means an obsession with anything and everything Halloween related. Horror movies, costumes, haunted houses - all sorts of spooky things! Recently, I made a visit to The Stanley Hotel. Yes, the hotel that inspired Stephen King’s The Shining. As an avid Stephen King fan, I was extremely excited but quite unprepared as I only had my smartphone on hand to do any ghost hunting (which only led to some pretty terrible photos). I can think of several devices that would have come in handy while I was there, as they do encourage and welcome ghost hunting.


Canon - VIXIA HF R600 HD Flash Memory CamcorderIn a more permanent setting, it’d be fantastic to set up security cameras with either night vision or infrared lenses. The difference being that night vision is simply the camera amplifying the light it is normally able to pick up (results in green hued images), while infrared is a light source invisible to the human eye (which turns out black and white images). These FLIR FX wireless surveillance cameras would do well, as they have 6 infrared LEDs that allow you to monitor up to 33’. For a more mobile option, such as for when I was wandering the basement of the concert hall at The Stanley, a high definition camcorder that has night vision capabilities or compensates for high and low light would have been quite useful. 


Zoom - H1 Handy RecorderFLIR - ONE Thermal Imager for Lightning-Enabled Another perfect item that would have been useful would have been a digital recorder. Not only can you pick up electronic voice phenomena, or EVP, but you may find yourself able to confirm any strange noises you thought you heard, such as footsteps or doors creaking open. This Zoom H1 Handy Recorder would have been absolutely perfect while we were asking some known entities questions at The Stanley!  


Also, I truly wish I had a FLIR ONE for my iPhone. The FLIR One is a thermal imager that connects with an app, and allows you to see the different heat signatures right on your phone – perfect for finding cold spots! For more info on this, check out this post. I could have really used this at The Stanley as we were down in the old servants’ tunnels.


Between a camcorder, a thermal imager, and a digital recorder, you should be set to capture any ghouls lurking about! I truly wish I had planned ahead for my visit to The Stanley – but I suppose I now have an excuse to return!

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