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Become a Blending Ninja

by on ‎06-12-2016 12:00 AM - last edited on ‎06-14-2016 11:12 AM by Senior Social Media Specialist Senior Social Media Specialist (20,265 Views)


If you’re always on the go and rushing everywhere…and nowadays who isn’t, right? Then maybe finding time to cook long and tedious breakfast meals would be as hard as finding the time to make them.  However, if you’re still a passionate health enthusiast, some of the latest and greatest kitchen gadgets may help you compliment your busy lifestyle. A single-serve blender for example would be just what you need - as you rush out for your morning commute.


One of my personal favorites is the Ninja Auto-iQ Blender; not only because of its compact size but because of the many roles it can play when it comes to enjoying quick nutritious recipes. This Ninja blender also has auto-IQ technology which determines the best blending pattern with a powerful 1000W providing dependable control and less work for you. It also includes…


  • 1000 Watt Motor Base with Auto-iQ Technology
  • Small 18oz. Nutri Ninja Cup
  • Regular 24oz. Nutri Ninja Cup
  • Jumbo Multi Serve 32 oz. Nutri Ninja Cup
  • Three Sip & Seal Lids
  • Pro Extractor Blades
  • Instruction Book
  • Getting Started Guide with Product Tips and Recipes
  • and Ninja 75 recipe book


From juicing to smoothies to your favorite weekend concoctions (adult beverages), this powerful single-serve blender can accomplish it all.


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