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Baby Safety Month

by ‎09-15-2019 01:20 AM - edited ‎09-15-2019 04:18 PM (11,463 Views)

Keeping your little one happy, safe, and fed can be quite the challenge! Everyone seems to offer up their unsolicated .02 cents on what you should do and how you should do it as a parent, which can make it hard. Over the years, I’ve always enjoyed sharing the products that make me feel confident as a mom. There’s a few products I feel increase my ability to relax and allows my confidence as a parent grow, too!


Reducing my little one’s risk of SIDs was something that weighted very heavy on my heart. Prior to the Owlet making a smashing dent into the baby oxygen monitor industry, there was the Levana – Snuza. I literally swore up and down that was the best investment I made for my little girl.Owlet.jpg


Ensuring that you have a quality humidifier that you know how use is essential. I personally adore and own this Crane – Droplet Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier. It doesn’t clash with the décor as it’s a simple white, but also for us it holds the correct amount of water – not too much or too little.




Now that my little girl is three-years-old and cold & flu season is upon us, I’ll be investing in TytoCare soon!  The logistics of getting in an Urgent Care visit without exposing my little one to all the germs at the Clinic is a gamechanger. Have you ever tried to explain to a preschooler why the need to wear a mask?




What products make you feel confident as a parent and/or made you feel like they increased your child’s safety?

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