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Are You Game Day Ready?

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Are You Game Day Ready?



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New 4K Ultra HD TV 


Let me help you with that last one! 4K Ultra HD TV’s have made a huge splash in the last year, and picked up speed when VIZIO started carrying 4K products last spring. This new standard technology is also changing what’s important when you are shopping.


Refresh rates aren’t as important on a 4K Ultra HD TV, as they are when you’re looking at a HDTV. The thing to remember is what 4K stands for, it means 4 times the amount of pixels on the screen than are on a 1080p TV. That means if a 4K Ultra HD TV is truly 120 Hz it will react like a 1080p TV with 480 Hz due to how many actual pixels are involved. Hertz is calculated by how many times the picture refreshes or changes in a minute, and most manufacturers duplicate images between the refreshes to mitigate motion blur.


Plus getting stuck on the hertz amount can lead you to purchasing a product that you won’t be happy with. Pixelization occurs when your TV has a high refresh rate, and lots of pixels on the screen. Often times over pixelization can lead to an effect called the “Soap Opera Effect”, it’s where the picture looks exaggerated and dramatized. Please don’t be a victim of this!


The type of processor that your TV has in it is what’s essential now. If your TV doesn’t have the power to make things happen on your screen, what’s the point of having all those pixels? Processors come in quantities of 4. The largest processors you will currently find on 2015 models are Octa-Core (Samsung) and X1 (Sony), which are both 8 core processors. On some products like VIZIO, they offer a V6 Six Core Processor which means it’s a quad-core processor that uses its smart features to react like a six core would. Keep in mind, if we are talking OLED that’s a whole other ballpark.


OLED stands for organic light-emitting diode, this technology offers an extremely high degree of color accuracy, great contrast, wide viewing angles, and a picture that is virtually blur-free. Each individual pixel is powered and lit by itself. This means if you see a black on your screen with an OLED TV that pixel is actually turned off. When you combine OLED, and 4K Ultra HD it’s truly amazing. It also means the processor on OLED TVs are different as they need to power, and control each pixel individually.


TV’s from all the manufacturer’s come with all different bells and whistles, often times that is your deciding factor in choosing the right 4K Ultra HD TV for you.

Model XBR65X950B


Sony is great at using all the crayons in their color box to provide you with complex colors. They are also able to provide a clear picture using their X-Reality Pro Technology. With clarity you get amazing contrast. Sony’s SMART features supports androidtv© that allows you enjoy your favorite apps, games, voice search, and personalization.





Samsung offers Screen Mirroring and Smart View 2.0, allowing all you die-hard Galaxy and Note users to be able to have control with your phone. That control isn’t limited to only changing the picture, but to view it moving from one room to the next. Their SMART features include a full web browser to enjoy all that World Wide Web has to offer. To keep you in the loop with the latest weather, time, and your daily schedule you can use the Briefing option.



Model: 65EG9600


LG is our pioneer for OLED which translates into a mind blowing picture for you. Using webOS 2.0 and Magic Remote makes it super easy and convenient to interact with your new TV. Prime technology allows the TV to be able to produce a realistic picture with truer colors. My favorite feature is their IPS 4K panel that boasts a 178 degree viewing angle, which means you can see way more on the sides of the picture.



Model: LC-65UB30U


Sharp is well known for their AQUOS technology by delivering precision clarity and contrast. They also have newer technology like SPECTROS up their sleeve. SPECTROS enables and provides a rich color display leading to a vibrant picture.  Their UH30 Series blows the competitors out of the water with their 35W audio output.



Model: M70-C3


VIZIO offers 4K in one of the easiest and user friendly formats. It takes the

idea of bells and whistles, and tosses it out the window. They’ve chosen to focus on their clarity and lifelike details, this includes how they replicate pixels you see on screen. Like I mentioned above their V6 Six-core process achieves high performance upscaling.


Upscaling is also an important component to your new 4K Ultra HD TV, it allows your TV to accept signals that are 1080p and lower. When a 4K Ultra HD TV accepts these lower grade definition signals it goes through a process of enhancing those images, pixeling them to get them as close to 4K as it can. This allows you to watch your favorite shows regardless of the medium they are on in great clarity.


4K content is here, and it’s growing dramatically this coming year. You can stream your 4K content to your TV using Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, Vimeo, UltraFlix, M-Go, and YouTube are all offering select titles in 4K. Many of the above mentioned streaming services announced during CES 2016 that 4K will be a priority in the coming year.


You can also find 4K content from select cable providers. Comcast’s XFINITY offers TV shows on the UHD app on select Samsung 4K Ultra HD TVs. DIRECTV also is offering movies on select LG and Samsung smart 4K Ultra TV’s through DIRECTV’S Genie HD DVR. DIRECTV plans on adding more compatible TV’s to their line up this year!


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