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A Brief Gaming Service Announcement

by on ‎03-12-2009 05:39 PM (9,068 Views)

Rather than providing step-by-step instructions or “did you know” information about one of the major game consoles, I thought I’d do something a bit different this week and reiterate an important message that’s been circulating on various gaming sites for some time now.

For Xbox 360 owners, the New Xbox Experience (or NXE for short) brought a slew of new features to their favorite console. Customizable avatars, virtual parties, and personalized game rooms all became available, as well as the ability to instantly stream HD content from Netflix. This was a significant improvement over the old “blade” system and ultimately was revealed to be a requirement to use Xbox Live.

Starting with the game HAWX, however, updating to the NXE firmware will be mandatory for all Xbox 360s. Microsoft plans to discontinue support for the old blade system, so all future titles will require the updated NXE firmware to run properly. Not on Xbox Live? Don’t worry! New releases will ship with the update on the disc itself.

For more information, check out Microsoft’s official NXE website:

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