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Wi-Fi camera and app

Well I bought the insignia Wi-Fi camera that was o man the deal of the day special last week and what a disappointment. The app is terrible and functions at the most basic level. I’m going to break down the issues below. I first tried it on my iPhone X’s , my kids iPhone 6s and 5s using iOS 12.1 and then on an old iPhone 5c using iOS 10.

iPhone X’s
-Was able after several tries to get it connected. Connection process was painless when it worked but the first few tries would show it connected then it would disappear.
-Recording play back fine
-NO notification of a recording.
-Live Video works for about 2 seconds and then goes black. Audio also crashes
-Chat from phone to camera seems to work fine although there is a few seconds delay
iPhone 6s
-same initial setup issue as above
-live video plays fine
-recorded video plays fine
-no notifications of live video
-Voice and chat worked fine
iPhone 5s
-exactly the same as the 6s
iPhone 5c
-Same as 6s and 5s, only difference is 1 out of 5 recordings sends a notification

Shame because the video is clear and is clear in most settings. But the app is terrible and seems like it needs an update for ios 12 and needs to be brought up to date to work with the X and xs.

Shame Best Buy, pay attention to the complaints here.
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Re: Wi-Fi camera and app

Hi there, Merf,


Welcome to the forum!  I'm glad to hear you're liking your new Insignia Wi-Fi Camera, although I can understand your frustrations with having certain features work intermittently.  I'd like to recommend a few troubleshooting steps if you haven't tried them already.


Sometimes a factory reset can fix things like this.  You can perform a factory reset on the camera by opening the cover of the SD card slot and reset hole on the back of your camera, and then using a paper clip to press and hold the RESET button for 5 seconds.  You may also want to try removing and re-downloading the Insignia mobile app onto your device.


If you continue to experience further issues, you are welcome to bring your camera to your local Best Buy store so our Geek Squad Agents can determine if you're eligible for any other options under your Insignia warranty.


I hope this helps and that you have a lovely weekend. 

Sam|Retired Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Wi-Fi camera and app

Yea I’m pretty tech savvy as you should be able to tell by reading my review. Reset wvetal times. It’s not a hardware issue. It’s a software/app issue. App needs updating to work with iOS 12 and mainly to support next gen iPhones. X, xs and xsr