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Solution for iOS11.3 users who are having issues setting up Insignia Smart Plug NS-SP1X7


When setting up the Insignia Smart Plug NS-SP1X7, users encounter the error message "Error Opening Page - Hotspot login cannot open the page because it cannot redirect to locations starting with "bbyinsignia-iot:".


The error condition is triggered by new iOS11.3 functionality that prevents the Insigina CONNECT app from automatically redirecting users to the next screen during setup, as it originally did in earlier iOS versions. As a result, user is not able to proceed to the next screen and complete the set-up process.


This only affects users with iPhones recently upgraded to iOS11.3 or later. It also only affects the set-up of Smart Plug NS-SP1X7 and some Insignia Fridge/Freezers.


A new version of the iOS app v3.1.14 was published to the Apple App Store on Monday April 16, 2018. It contains a fix which allows users to proceed with setting-up. A longer-term fix to address the iOS error messages is in development.


What to do:

1) Download the new Insignia CONNECT app v3.1.14 from the App Store

2) Perform a factory-reset on your Smart Plug NS-SP1X7 by unplugging it, and re-plugging it while holding down the button for 10 seconds, then release. The LED should be flashing green.

3) Perform the set-up process as instructed in the app

4) When you get to the error page, dismiss the error by tapping "OK"

5) Tap "Done" on the top right corner of the screen

6) Switch back to the Insignia CONNECT App where you will now see a confirmation page saying your phone is now connected to your Insignia device.

7) Tap 'CONTINUE" and proceed with pairing the device with your Home Wi-Fi Network

8) Proceed with the normal setup process

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Re: Solution for iOS11.3 users who are having issues setting up Insignia Smart Plug NS-SP1X7

This worked for me only after signing out of the app and adding a new room.