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New 13.8 Cu.Ft. Freezer - Will not connect to the Insignia Connect App - PLEASE HELP!!!

I just bought a new Insignia 13.8 Cu.Ft. upright freezer from Best Buy and can not get it to connect to the Insignia Connect App. I have tried just about everything. The freezer is located in my garage just a few steps past the doorway and the doorway is only about 15 feet from my wifi router. I checked and the wifi signal definitely reaches the freezer. Below is everything I tried to do.


  1. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app several times.
  2. I added a wifi extender in my garage where the freezer is located to boost the signal.
  3. I unplugged the freezer, waited an plugged it back in to try and reset the electronics.
  4. I created a new Insignia Connect account and make sure I am signed in for every attempt.
  5. I made sure that my phone was connected to the 2.4G wifi and also that the wifi extender is also connect to 2.4G.

I have been able to get the set up progress as far as when the app says that it is connected to the freezer and then advances to the screen where you select the wifi signal that you want to connect the freezer to. Then when I click on the corresponding wifi signal and enter in the wifi password, I always get the error message that says "Regiatration Error - The registration call failed. Please reset your device and try again later."


I sometimes am able to get the freezer to connect to the wife signal but for some reason the app won't recognize that and will not proceed to add it. I can tell the freezer is connected since the wifi light on the freezer panel stays on.


The phone I am trying to connect to is a Samsung Galaxy Note 8. I also tried to connect to my old phone which is a Samsung Note 4 and got the same error messages. 


I bought this freezer mainly so I could monitor the temperature that my food is stored at. Otherwise I would have bought another freezer. So if I can't get this to connect then I will most likely return it to Best Buy. 


Has anyone else had this issue and does anyone know any tricks to get this freezer connected to the Insignia App? Can anyone at Insignia help? I really have a hard time believing that a manufacturer would design, build and sell a product like this that doesn't work or have the support needed to make it work.





Posts: 2
Registered: ‎02-24-2018

Re: New 13.8 Cu.Ft. Freezer - Will not connect to the Insignia Connect App - PLEASE HELP!!!

This is a response to my own post. I was able to finally get the freezer to connect to the app. I just kept trying....again and again until if finally worked. I am not now sure how it actually ended up working but only that my freezer is now connected to the app so I can monitor the temperature and be notified if the door stays open.