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Insignia TV NS-50DF710NA19 is just not worth it!

I seriously used to think Best Buy was a great store but now they have become the Radio Shack of the late 1900's.  Once known for quality, then selling cheaper products to compete, till eventually having to shutter the doors.  I was a loyal Best Buy customer and even bought an Insigna TV, nice 50" that I thought was nice fpr the price.  I used it for a couple of months, then moved and had it in storage, wrapped in blankets and protected completely for maybe 4-6 months.  Relocated and set it up, no problem, 8 months of use and poof picture's gone!  Sound works fine and you can actually see the picture it's just so dark, you can't make anything out and it flickers every 3 seconds.  I had read that these TV's can last 4-10 years and easily 7 with care.  I thought I did my homework, I took care of my purchase, and never had a problem. So after maybe having 1.5 years of normal service (5-6 hrs per day) all together, time to throw it away as it will cost more to repair than buying a new one from what I have read.  So Best Buy who once had quality products have now come to the cheaper, less dependable brand to compete against the Amazons and Walmarts of the world.  I guess the old saying what goes around comes around may stand true here.  I certainly feel used.

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Re: Insignia TV NS-50DF710NA19 is just not worth it!

Several google results mention doing a hard reset of the TV if it went blank. It involves holding in the power button for 30 seconds. 


Otherwise you can get a free consult here:


Just click on the support tab and they can advise you of your repair costs. 

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