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Insignia 4K UHD turns on and off repeatedly

Today a brand new Insignia 55 inch LED 2160p Smart 4k UHD Fire TV Edition was delivered to my home. I set it up with local channels and Prime/HBO/Sling. It worked fine for about two hours then began turning off and on rapidly and I could not turn it off with the remote. It was unplugged from a surge protector and plugged into two different wall outlets within a few minutes. It's making me nuts. 

This TV replaced an Insignia 55" Flat Screen HD model that developed the same problem.  I thought it was the television itself so the new unit was purchased. 

Here's some important facts.

It's brand new--out of the box today New

It is not connected to cable.

My wifi signal is very strong and has no issues.

It can't be turned off at all. It's stuck in Prime and will not allow me to switch to local stations or to get to settings. 

What am I supposed to do now?

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Re: Insignia 4K UHD turns on and off repeatedly

Greetings, Ricko1900,


Welcome to our community! Thanks for choosing an Insignia 55” for your new TV. I’m sorry to hear that your new TV is experiencing the same issue as you old one. This leads me to believe the issue at hand may not be related to your TV. Let’s take a deeper look into this for you.


Do you have any sound components connected to the TV? Also, can you please exactly what you connected and in which way? It’s possible the issues you’re experiencing could be related to a short in the cables being used. Can you please verify if the issues occur when using the TV’s applications to stream? Also, can you please verify if the issue you’ve noted occurs across all connected inputs? 


Can you please confirm if you’ve power cycled the TV? If that doesn’t resolve the issues present, we’d highly recommend resetting the TV back to factory settings. We look forward to learning more about your issues to see if we can provide some further troubleshooting.



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