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Insignia 24" FireTV not loading/launching app

I bought an Insignia 24" FireTV this last week.  I set it up and needed to load my primary app - DirectTV Streaming.  I found the app, downloaded it, and installed it.  The installation just sat there and the icon just spun.  

I tried again, downloading and installing.  The icon continued to spin, but a box appeared in the lower right-hand corner saying the app was ready to launch.  I was not fast enough to hit the launch key (the box disappeared in about 10 - 15 seconds).  So I tried again, downloading, and installing, but this time I hit the launch key.  

The results are a blank screen for a couple of minutes followed by some ads.  I repeated this a couple of times, but it was the same each time.


How do I get the DirectTV Streaming app to launch?

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Re: Insignia 24" FireTV not loading/launching app

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Hey there, solutionbuilder,


Thank you so much for reaching out and joining us here on our community forum. Although, I can understand how discouraging it may be to have your streaming app not working correctly. I would also try to update the TV’s software if that has not already been done.


If you’d like, you can setup an appointment for our Geek Squad to take a look and try to get that running. You can do so here. I can also set that up for you. If so, use the below “PrivateMessage” button to send your full name, phone number, and email.



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