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Re: playing media files from USB device on NS-BRDVD3

"Perhaps, but the files play fine on my computer, so it's annoying that they don't when put through the player. And the problem seems to be consistent, but maybe all the files are incorrectly formatted the same way"


You might have a problem which I have yet to encounter, but my experience has always been that when there are these types of problems, they can always be traced back to a defect in the original file..........

Perhaps the files are proprietary encoded to play back properly only in a computer environment?

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Re: playing media files from USB device on NS-BRDVD3

@zambien wrote:

Due to the lack of (and content of) responses from support on these issues, I've returned my player and bought a PS3.  They just came out with Netflix support which was the only thing missing which in turn facilitated my decision to buy this player.  I realize it is more expensive than this player but it has proven many times over to be future proof.... for example with the update for DTS HD MA.  And it plays games (mw2 anyone?).  I am very happy with my purchase.  Paired with PS3MediaServer it is doing everything I need with none of the headaches.


I'd recommend you all do the same.  Smiley Happy





I own an xbox 360, HTPC with blu-ray playback, and PS3 in addition to my NS-BRDVD3.  IMHO, Netflix on the NS-BRDVD3 is currently running better than on the PS3 (which i was believe was too rushed) but not as good as the xbox 360.


The player also does a great job of playing most media files through the usb port without having to rely on an extra computer running P3 Media Server.


As far as FFWDing on certain media files, the reason some files don't FFWD past 2x is due to the way the media files are encoded.  AVI files can be encoding using various audio and video codecs such as xvid, divx, wmv.  AVI actually refers to a container format and is not an actual codec.  So playing back various AVIs will get you different results depending on the codec used within the avi container format and other setting such as keyframes that also affect how reliably you can ffwd a media file.

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Re: playing media files from USB device on NS-BRDVD3

So quetzal,

Why is it so poor on a SD DvD? Terrible past 2X, just freezes when it is actually advancing.

That surely is not a file, right?


My AVI files actually do a better visual job of showing me where I am than standard dvds.