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Will NS-CSPGASP Get Any More Firmware Updates?

Now that its no longer sold, does that mean there will be no more firmware updates? Google recently had an update that allows you to cancel an alarm thats going off with "STOP" instead of "Hey Google STOP", which is simpler and works more reliably. Sometime the longer phrase has to be repeated a time or two, while the annoying alarm is blasting.

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Re: Will NS-CSPGASP Get Any More Firmware Updates?

Hello there, kmand,


Thanks for reaching out to our community forums with a great concern. You have also made a great call out about the recent update; definitely more user friendly to command the alarm with one word. For better clarity regarding the firmware updates going forward  and any other troubleshooting for the device I would suggest contacting Insignia Support via email or phone at 1-877-467-4289. I hope this helps.

Have a great day! 

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Re: Will NS-CSPGASP Get Any More Firmware Updates?

So I contacted Insignia as you suggested, and got the answer below. Personally I doubt that its really accurate.


Thank you for contacting Insignia Products. My name is Arin, and it's a pleasure for me to assist you with your NS-CSPGASP-B Google Speaker. I understand you want to know if we are going to release more updates. Rest assure, I will do my best to help you.


I have made an accurate research for you and check this information with my Engineers and as you know our products have change over the past years since new technology has arrive in our market and they are still working on making your unit even more advanced, so please stay aware for new firmware updates, I don't have an actual date on when they will be sending a new updates but I can guarantee you that they are working on it.


I look forward to to read from you again!