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Sub Woofer Problems



I recently purchased NS-SB316 sound bar. I have a powered subwoofer that I hooked up to it ,but I'm getting zero sound out of the woofer. The woofer works fine with my set-up in my living room. I also took the bar back to where I bought it and had them test it with a powered woofer and it worked. The bar is currently running through my Comcast cable box for sound.


Please help as this driving me crazy.





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Re: Sub Woofer Problems

Reviving this post because I am having the same issue.  I have powered subwoofers in both the living room and family room, which both work flawlessly with my Pioneer receiver, but not with my NS-SB316 soundbar. I am am just barely getting sound out of my 12" sub with the gain turned all the way up.  Is it the signal coming from the TV? It's a Samsung 55" and I am using the optical connection.  Any help is appreciated.