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Remote Code Needed For New NS-WBRDVD

Just purchased the new Insignia Wireless Blue-Ray DVD player and cannot find a code to connect with my AT&T Uverse remote.  My AT&T Uverse remote doesn't have a model number, but the box says Motorola on it.


I saw a similar post concerning TV's, but have not foud one concerning Insignia DVD players.  


I have tried codes for Emerson, Memorex, Samsung, Sunsui, Sylvania and Zenith without success.


Any suggestions?



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Re: Remote Code Needed For New NS-WBRDVD

Just to add, I also tried the automatic search function that Uverse uses to try all of the DVD codes that it knows.


Apparently, the NS-WBRDVD is not a known code.



Still looking for feedback.




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Re: Remote Code Needed For New NS-WBRDVD

I don't know if your remote would have a list for it, but if it does, try codes listed under "Desay". The Insignia Blu Ray players except for the first gens are made by Desay for Insignia. I hope this helps.
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Re: Remote Code Needed For New NS-WBRDVD



As of now our Blu-ray players can only be controlled with the original Insignia remote.

We will consider this for future products.




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Re: Remote Code Needed For New NS-WBRDVD

Assuming the NS-WBRDVD and NS-BRDVD3 use the same codes, here's a way to manually add the commands to many remotes. Using device code Video 1913 (or 21913) or Audio 1609 (or 31609), use the following advanced codes:


0          34862

1          34926

2          34830

3          34894

4          34870

5          34934

6          34838

7          34902

8          34854

9          34918

open/close 34910

power      34906

search     34968

clear      34872

angle      35038

disc menu  35050

popup menu 34826

up arrow   34994

down arrow 34962

left arrow 35018

right arrow35058

enter      35026

setup      34954

repeat     34886

repeat a-b 35014

display    34846

pip        34864

resolution 34936

play/pause 34914

step       35070

fast fwd   35010

rewind     34882

next       34946

prev       34818

stop       34978

zoom       34822

audio      34986

return     34904

subtitle   34922

sec audio  34992

red A      34824

green B    34952

yellow C   34888

blue D     35016 


To test one of the above codes, press and release the setup key followed by the 5-digit code. On the last digit, the command will be sent.


To assign each function to a key,  in DVD mode, press and hold the setup button for 2 blinks, press 994, press and release setup, enter the 5-digit code, press the destination button. For example, to program the "Play" button, press "DVD", then "Setup" for 2 blinks, 994, "Setup" 34914, "Play". Repeat this procedure for every key. You only have to press DVD the very first time. To save some effort, you could program only the buttons you need, i.e., the number keys are rarely used except in searches.


Video code 1913 (or 21913) will work with the following remotes:

Radio Shack 15-100, 15-133, 15-134, 15-135, 

URC-6690 Hybrid, URC-6820 B00, URC-7940, URC-7950, URC-8203, URC-8820 B00,

Atlas5 1025,

Comcast 1058, Comcast 1067, Comcast 1068,

Dreambox V5 URC-39940*,

Pace DStv PVR URC-3989,

Vizio URC-66700ABA,



Audio code 1609 (or 31609) will work with these remotes:

Insignia NS-RC01G-09,  

Radio Shack 15-100, 15-133, 15-134, 15-135,

URC-10820 B00, URC-6690 Hybrid, URC-6820 B00, URC-7555, URC-7780 Stealth 12, URC-7781 Digital 12, URC-7940, URC-7950, URC-8206, URC-8820 B00, URC-9960, URC-9960B01,

Atlas5 1025, Atlas5 3000, Atlas5 3032, Atlas5 3033,

Cox URC-7820B,

Dreambox V5 URC-39940*,

Motorola DSR551 URC-2050,

Pace DStv PVR URC-3989, 


Vizio URC-66700ABA, Vizio VUR8,



* Add 30 to the device code on Dreambox remotes. 


To assign an audio code to a DVD button, you may have to re-assign the device type for the DVD button. This will probably be the case on cable remotes. See your manual for how to re-assign the device type.


Since you may not have enough buttons on your remote for every function, it would be a good idea to put some on shifted keys. These are functions you perform by pressing the setup button before the primary button. For example, I like to put open/close on the shifted stop button. So if I press Stop, I get stop. If I press and release Setup then press Stop, I get open/close. To assign a function to a shifted key, just press  and release "Setup" before the destination key in the procedure above.


If you don't have one of those, here are some other options:


  • Get a harmony. It's in the harmony database.
  • Get a UEI made remote (one-for-all, radio shack, many cable oem remotes, some RCA and vizio, slingbox) and a JP1 cable and load THIS upgrade. If you have a modem upgradeable UEI remote (like a URC-8910 or Kameleon), convert the above upgrade to a WAV file with the JP1 tools on that site and play it through your computer speaker to upgrade your remote.
  • Get any learning remote and learn the commands from the original remote if possible (not an option for those with a lost or damaged remote).
  • Borrow a friend's harmony and teach your remote from it.


For those who are interested, the signal uses protocol NEC1, device 133, subdevice 237. 


If you're looking for a good, inexpensive universal remote this solution will work on, I'd say the RCA RCRP05B is probably one of the best options at the moment. It's $20 at best buy. Also be aware that the above solution takes very little memory (~300 bytes) and uses up none of your learning memory.

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Re: Remote Code Needed For New NS-WBRDVD

How about the code for DIRECTV's remote? Please...
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Re: Remote Code Needed For New NS-WBRDVD

The only possibilities at the moment are the ones I listed. Sorry.


However, the RCA I posted is a great replacement for the DirecTV remote (use code 01377 for DirecTV). The RCA and DirecTV remotes are made by the same company and have the same codes. But it's impossible to enter the individual function codes I listed on the DirecTV remote. And programming the individual codes is the only solution besides learning, which the DirecTV remote can't do either.

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Re: Remote Code Needed For New NS-WBRDVD

So, these are really the only possibilities? No support at all for Sony Universal Remote (RM-VL600)?



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Re: Remote Code Needed For New NS-WBRDVD

Any learning remote, including your sony can learn the codes. It just doesn't have a code built in. New devices often aren't supported right away, especially if the remote was made before the device in question even existed. That's why the learning feature exists. The info I've posted is most useful for those who don't have the original remote to learn from.


Technically, no remotes at all have the insignia codes built-in. I'm presenting essentially a programming trick, taking advantage of the unusual programming capabilities of one particular class of remotes. No other remotes have this capability. Harmony has the codes because some harmony user learned them, and harmony added those learns to their database. 

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Re: Remote Code Needed For New NS-WBRDVD

Indeed, the learning feature worked. I got it working after posting this message - thanks for the reply.