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Phone calls are finally activated on Insignia Voice speakers!

The other night, two of my four Insignia Voice Portable smart speakers were updating. This is the first time I actually saw them updating. The other two still have not updated the last time I checked. While Continued Conversations had been working when most people were reporting that the feature wasn't, now isn't working on any of my speakers. This was the first time that feature stopped for me. Tonight, to my surprise, I used the phone call commands to success! I had not checked this for a long time so maybe everyone already knows this. I honestly thought if phone calling had not worked at this point, it probably would never be activated. My first call was successful and it was loud and clear. I hope it continues to work as it's nice to have, even if that wasn't the main reason I bought the speakers.
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Re: Phone calls are finally activated on Insignia Voice speakers!

Hi there, OregonBruin,


Thanks for stopping by our online community and sharing this update with us! I'm glad to hear two of your four Insignia Voice speakers finally updated and you are now able to use phone call commands with your devices. As you may know, these products check for firmware updates automatically, so I suspect it shouldn't be much longer before the rest of your speakers update as well. 


I hope you have a great weekend! Thank you for writing to us.

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