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NS-SB216 soundbar with directv RC73 remote

Hello All,

I have the NS-SB216 mini sound bar and I have used the directv instuctions to pair the RC73 remote with the soundbar. The volume up/down/mute work fine, but I can't find a model that will make the power function work. 

The models shown when on the directv menu are: NSSB212 and NSSB515 (among others).

Has anyone used a model/code that includes the power feature.


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Re: NS-SB216 soundbar with directv RC73 remote



Welcome to the Best Buy Forums! We appreciate you reaching out in regards to remote assistance you are needing. I understand most of the functions on the remote work fine with the sound bar except the power button. Have you attempted to resync the remote with the sound bar again? Also we would suggest to see if you can try and connect that controller to a different device to see if maybe it's the power button on the remote that isn't functioning properly. 


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