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NS-R5101AHD-A - Component & Analog to HDMI


I actually have 2 questions:

I bought this as a former floor model from Best-Buy in Phoenix, it came with the remote but no Rocketboost NS-RB1 receiver/transmitter that the quick-setup guide says it should have. The guy there said it doesn't come with that device/couldnt find it.

Are they full of Sh!t or are there separate packages of this device w/o the rocketboost box? He told me I bought the floor model of the second link-  Just seems fishy since they also have a page for the one that comes with the rocketboost box.

NS-R5101AHD-A at Best-Buy

NS-AV511 at Best-Buy


Second, and the bigger question, I input my Xbox, DirecTV (Non-HD),  and Blu-Ray into the Receiver as detailed below:



Xbox - Via Component Video (IN1)

DirecTV - Via Analog (CBL/SAT)

Blu-Ray - Via HDMI (IN 1/BD/DVD)



HDMI Out to TV


Now, I was TOLD that the receiver should be able to convert analog and component video signals and send them to the TV via the HDMI cord, hence one of the big the reasons we get AVRs is to send a single HDMI cord to the TV. Despite playing with the settings for over an hour, I cant get video from any device except the Blu-Ray player.


Any modern receiver should be able to do upscaling from Analog and Component Video.

What gives, what setting am i missing?

Posts: 2
Registered: ‎07-30-2011

Re: NS-R5101AHD-A - Component & Analog to HDMI

Turns out this one doesn't do upscaling. Returned.