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Insignia Smart Speaker Screen Displaying "nEt" indefinitely

After a WiFi signal interruption of any kind, my NS-CSPGASP2 Smart Speaker with the Google Assistant displays "nEt" on the display, even after it has re-established the connection. I have to reboot the device for it to show the clock again.


Here are the details of that device currently:

  • System Firmware version: 318
  • Cast Firmware Version: 1.36.146299

This happens on both of my NS-CSPGASP2 devices, and note that it is just the screen that needs updated. After the connection is restored, it is able to repond properly to requests using the internet, even though the screen still says "nEt".


Hopefully someone at the product team at Insignia can respond, because this is a SW bug.

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Re: Insignia Smart Speaker Screen Displaying "nEt" indefinitely

Hi, @jsmartt1


Looks like you're doing everything right. I can also suggest doing a factory reset on the speaker by pressing the microphone button for 12 seconds as indicated on the User Guide.

For further support, please call Insignia at 1-877-467-4289 to have this addressed in real-time.




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Re: Insignia Smart Speaker Screen Displaying "nEt" indefinitely

Thanks, but I'm not interrested in factory-resetting both of my devices and setting them up all over again. I'm also not sure how a phone call will help, but I may call if I have some time. This really just needs to be added to a product backlog and fixed in a future release of the FW.