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Insignia NS-AHBTSPORT2 Headphones won't turn off

I've had my Insignia NS-AHBTSPORT2 Headphones for 3 months and they've worked great, but now they won't pair and won't turn off. I turned them on and tried to pair with my phone and they wouldn't connect. I tried the usual trouble shooting - turning bluetooth on and off on my phone, turning the headphones on and off, having my phone "forget" the headphones and try repairing - all to no avail.


Then, I am now unable to even turn them back off - they just keep flashing alternating blue and orange lights in a pairing pattern. I have been on the help boards and tried holding down the + and - buttons when they are plugged in to reset the headphones to no avail. I have also tried running down the battery to reset them, but the headphones have now been on for 3 days and the lights are still flashing and still say "power on" when you hold down the power button - so seemingly won't die (?). I'm stumped - any help is appreciated. 


I bought them at best buy and do have my receipt somewhere, so I do know they are under warranty - I'd just ideally like to try and fix them before I have to go back to the store! 

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Re: Insignia NS-AHBTSPORT2 Headphones won't turn off

That sounds like a stubborn pair of headphones to say the least!  Per the user guide to turn them off  you press and hold the MFB button for four seconds. The LED blinks red for two seconds and you hear “power off.”

And to reset them, they have to be off so I would say if this ain't working grab your receipt and have them checked out at the store under the one year manufacturer warranty.


All the best!

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