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Playlist Tips

Playlist Tips

• Access your playlists in the Playlists area, below the Sources area.
• Click a playlist name to display its contents in the Display area.
• You can share playlists from the Playlists area by right-clicking on the playlist.
• You can drag and drop one playlist into another to combine them.
• You can drag and drop a playlist into Now Playing (either in the Sources area, or directly to the Now Playing window.)
• You can drag and drop a playlist into My Library in the Sources area to add that playlist's tracks to My Library.
• You can drag and drop selected tracks from the Playlist view of the Display Area into My Library to add them to My Library.
• You can drag and drop a playlist to a portable device icon in the Sources area to add the playlist to your portable player or device. (If the playlist contains streaming tracks, either the available tracks will be added to your portable device as downloaded tracks, or you will be prompted to purchase the tracks.)
• Rename any playlist easily:
1. Select a playlist name in the Playlists area.
2. Click the playlist name a second time.
3. Type a new name for the playlist.
4. Press enter on your keyboard.

• You can also rename a playlist from the right-click menu.
• The playlists you create can be renamed and edited at any time.
• Dynamic playlists cannot be edited, but they can be renamed.
• AutoPlaylists cannot be directly edited from the Display area. You can, however, edit an AutoPlaylist's rules:
1. Right-click the AutoPlaylist name in the Sources area.
2. Select Edit AutoPlaylist from the right-click menu.
3. Edit any or all of the AutoPlaylist rules.
4. Click OK to save your changes.

• You can change the name of an AutoPlaylist at any time.