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External 3dtv adapter

I tried calling Best Buy"s Minnesota corporate offices about proposing a new type of product: an external device which turns ANY TV from any company, of any size, any ratio, any resolution, any Hertz rate, any color depth, any processing, any ping time, any display technology, and turn any of them into a 3DTV, instead of having a few designated models, usually high-end that MUST have, and every common budget model UNABLE to have it. The motto could be: Take any TV you want, whatever you think a good TV is, and just add depth.

I made a start. I got a WEWS TV engineer to like my idea of a 2d friendly version of a 3d broadcast, but said TV stations need permission from the Federal government to propose such a formats

I was told Insignia would get back to me. I never got much after the initial email I sent.

I just want to know if adding 3d to a TV is a better sales strategy than certain TVs have 3d, and all the rest CAN'T have it.

My dad would have added 3d to a 1 year old TV in 2010. We STILL have that TV, and are now too late for 3d by a half decade.

And this 3d standard is supposed to be independent of everything else, by using alternate frames, and adding shutter glasses to any TV. ( I know it's possible. A Sega Master Stltstem did the exact same thing for 80's TVs, and any TV model would work. You didn't have to buy a Sega-approved TV)

The trickiest part is accounting for 1 ms to 1 s ping timed when CRTs had sub microsecond pings. I got a couple strategies to try.

Did I solve the 3d Tech Civil War nature of 3d dividing a market by trying rnake it as 2d-friendly as possible, like color in the 60's, and Stereo and Closed Captions in the 80's were all backwards compatible?

And best of all, all plans of 30 bit color, 120 Hz, and 4k resolution are factored in by making 3d work as a separate factor, kind of like how Dolby and DTS standards are in all broadcasts and disc media, but go unnoticed by lots of people if they don't use it, but are universal for people who do.
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Re: External 3dtv adapter

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Hi, tripletopper,


Thanks for joining our community, and for reaching out with this idea.


If the folks at Insignia support stopped responding, your next course of action will be to reach out through our Partner Portal. That'll be your best resource going forward.


Please reach back out if we can ever help you out with anything else.





Kyle R|Senior Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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