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Audio disconnecting at higher volumes (Insignia Portable Google Voice Speaker)

Hi, I recently purchased the Insignia Portable Bluetooth Speaker with Google Assistant built in. I wanted a "google connected" speaker that also was a clock. I bought this one over the smaller, non-portable Insignia speaker because of reading reviews that made it sound like the the bigger, portable speaker provided better sound quality. I do like the sound it provides, but I there is a problem and I can't tell if it's due to a defective speaker or if it's simply the way the speaker is. I don't use bluetooth to play audio, I cast from my phone. I have an audio group in my Google Home app that I cast to, and I added the Insignia speaker to that group. The problem is that whenever I turn the volume on the Insignia speaker up past 70% volume level, then the audio playback will start to cut out and back in, then it not only cuts out completely, but it actually stops playback on ALL the speakers in the audio group and DISCONNECTS my casting session! I have never seen this happened before, and I have casted to more speakers and audio groups than I could even try to remember. Is it because this speaker is defective or is it because this speaker was built badly and can't even handle it's own volume during playback. I hope it's defective, but I wanted to see if anyone else had this problem, or if this was a known issue, or if someone from Best Buy could help me. Thank you!
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Re: Audio disconnecting at higher volumes (Insignia Portable Google Voice Speaker)

********* ADDITION **********
I can't find a way to edit my post directly. I have only tried a couple of alternative playback tests on my Insignia speaker, so this add-on info cannot be said with total confidence yet, but I the playback problem doesn't seem to be happening when casting to only the Insignia speaker OR when casting to an audio group that includes the Insignia speaker but not my chromecast connected TV that has computer speakers plugged into it using the TV'S headphone jack. I don't have the newest model chromecast that I was told is the one that supposedly adds the ability to cast to a TV like an audio speaker, so I'm not sure why my chromecast now has this ability (because it never used to) perhaps the info I was given about the new chromecast was incorrect. Regardless, I have no idea why the presence of a chromecast in an audio group would cause any problems, especially when the problems only occur when I try to turn the Insignia speaker volumes over around 70%... GRANTED, I think the problems also occur when I turn my TV speakers over 70% volume as well (but my other Google home speakers in the audio group can be played at max volume without causing the issues). It's a strange coincidence, but is that the cause? It shouldn't make a difference.
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Re: Audio disconnecting at higher volumes (Insignia Portable Google Voice Speaker)

I've casted at full volume for long periods of time with good behavior.

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Re: Audio disconnecting at higher volumes (Insignia Portable Google Voice Speaker)

Hello Drewmvshs,


Welcome to the forum.  One of my favorite things about Google Home products is the ability to cast audio in groups to multiple speakers so that you can enjoy your music from anywhere in the house.  I haven't had this problem myself, but I'm sure it's frustrating nonetheless.


First, I'd suggest making sure all of your devices are connected to a 5Ghz network rather than a 2.4Ghz network, as the slower internet speeds may be causing the audio to cut out.  You may also wish to contact Insignia Support at (877) 467-4289 for assistance with troubleshooting in real time.


I hope this helps.  Happy holidays!

Sam|Retired Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Audio disconnecting at higher volumes (Insignia Portable Google Voice Speaker)