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Insignia NS-RFD26SS9 Freezer Issue

On two separate occasions, my 1 year old freezer has stopped working. The refrigerator continues to work but the freezer doesn’t. I’ve removed the back panel to note that the coils are room temperature and the fan is either spinning slowly or not at all. There is about 1/4” of water beneath the coils. I unplugged the refrigerator, waited a minute and plugged it back in. It seems to have reset everything and it starts to work again. This happens without warning or indication. Is this a common issue for anyone, what do I do to prevent this? Of course I am 1 month outside of the 1 year warranty when this started but I don’t want to find out my food is spoiled one day.
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Re: Insignia NS-RFD26SS9 Freezer Issue

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What you have described here is quite a unique situation. I would recommend contacting Insignia for support at (877) 467-8289 so they can look in this further with you.

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