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Connect App and WiFi Freezer NS-UZ17XWH7

First of all the manual that came with my Freeezer had no instructions on turning on the Wi-Fi and only mentioned to go download the Connect App. I finally found the key sequence - and Lock for 3 seconds then hitting the + button to go into AP mode. Unfortunally the AP only stays there for a few seconds. After repeated attempt I finally got it to connect, and the Wi-Fi strength seems very low. Only the very bottom dot, and the app shows it as a red dot. It is only about 20 feet from my home AP so not sure what is going on there.


As a software developer I would rate the app as a half star. When I look at my freezer connect app it shows it as a refridgerator, even though the Freezer itself is in Freezer mode. The temperature says 27degrees but the slider below it says rising to 35? Not sure what it is trying to say.


When I bought the Freezer I was under the impression with WiFi it would alert me if the temperature is too high etc. I think it only shows a message on the front panel. If I am out of the house what good does it do me? This could very easily be a deal breaker for me.