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My guide to holiday shopping this Holiday 2022 Season

*Please note, the following guide was solely created by me and is in no way sponsored by Best Buy*


No doubt, the end of the year has come so quickly and now we're spending time with our families again Smiley Happy There are some things to keep in mind when shopping. 


First of all, see what everyone in the family wants, and visit your local Best Buy store to compare items and keep alternatives in mind in case one item you want to buy sells out quickly. If visiting a physical Best Buy store is not feasible, you can also chat on or visit these forums for great advice on technology and other gadgets. 


When purchasing technology, have a checklist of accessories that you need in order to protect your purchase and make it more complete. I always have a rule of thumb to never use devices like phones, media players or portable gaming consoles without a case and so forth. Maybe you need headphones or battery packs too. They make great stocking stuffers and I especially love those portable chargers as many of them have 2 ports built in now to charge 2 devices at once. 


Make a plan of action: Determine how you are going to buy the gifts for your family. While many Best Buy's offer curbside pickup, some choose the easier route to shop by having them delivered. Please be aware that some items could ship in the original packaging to the place you are having your items delivered at. If the items are to be kept a secret it is suggested to do store pickup instead to conceal the item contents so you can hide and wrap them at the appropriate time. Of course if you're still stuck in a loop Best Buy gift cards let them choose what they want, online or in store.


Know the warranties and return policies of the items you purchase: Many items come with a manufacturers warranty that covers against some defects that should your purchase exhibit these behaviors, you can get it repaired. Of course it does not hurt to get extra protection either. Best Buy Total Tech is one of those great examples of technology protection but also Geek Squad individual services are available to protect your purchases even more. Make sure to ask a store associate or your chat rep for more info.


We all want our gift recipients to be happy with the items they purchase but can also understand that it may be something they would like to exchange for. The most up to date return policy can always be found by visiting the following link:


Finally Price match is always a good thing to have when buying products. It ensures you have the best pricing available. If you see a lower price you can always request a price match. For a full list of terms and conditions for price matching, you can visit the following link:


Hopefully this little guide I created will help you with the gift shopping experience this year but for official Best Buy policy always visit the official websites for the most up to date information. 



Former Best Buy Super User Community Veteran since 2008. Please note due to the forum closings, I will no longer be answering posts on these forums. Please visit for support or dial 1-888-BEST-BUY for further assistance.