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My Order Says Delivered, But I Can’t Find It!

Hello everyone-


Well, you’ve made it this far without any problems! You placed your order, it shipped out and your tracking has kept you up to date on where it is and then the worst thing possible happens:


Your tracking shows it was delivered, but you can’t find the package(s) anywhere!


We can absolutely understand the concern that this may cause you and fortunately, we’re here to help!


In these situations, there are a few things that you can do first to verify if your order is truly missing:


  1. Check with your neighbors. Occasionally, a delivery driver will leave the package with a neighbor to make sure it’s not left out in the open. This would also include checking your mailbox if you have one that’s accessible to the driver. Smaller packages may be left there by the driver for the same reasons as leaving it with a neighbor.
  2. If you live in an apartment building with a main office, check with them. Some require all packages to be left with them by carriers or the delivery driver may leave the package with the office rather than have them out in the open
  3. Occasionally, the carrier will label an item as delivered because the delivery driver has it on his truck, but they haven’t actually dropped it off yet. Especially with the USPS, we ask that you give at least 24 hours after a package states it has been delivered for the delivery driver/carrier to actually drop it off. 


If after that point you still haven’t located your package, please send a Private Message to one of the specialists on the forums (they are identified by “–BBY” after their name), with your full name, order number, phone number and e-mail address.


TL; DR – Check around, maybe a neighbor has it, it’s in your mailbox or at the apartment office. Then if you don’t have it, please send a Private Message to one of the specialists with your full name, order number, phone number and email address.


We thank you for your patience and understanding and Happy Holidays!

Deysha|Senior Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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