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Customer Service Straight Up Lies

I'm probably wasting my time writing this because the customer service has proven to just lie and won't really care anyways, but just putting it out as a warning to others and I'll look to avoid BB for any purchases going forward. Learned my lesson.


I ordered a game about 3 weeks ago and was told I'd receive contact when it was available. Weeks went by and nothing. I then got an alert that the game was for sale again and available at my local store. 3 copies left!


So I hopped on the customer service chat with Bishal P and asked if they could allot one of those copies to my order since they were in stock and I'd been waiting for 3 weeks and now xmas is right around the corner. Bishal P told me that the online inventories were inaccurate and nothing was in stock, my order would arrive next week, etc.. I didn't believe it and especially because the website says "act fast! only 3 left". So I tested it out and sure enough, I ordered and it was ready for pickup within about 20 mins. Straight up lied to.


Then I asked to speak to a supervisor because I was wondering why I was lied to, why I didn't have one of the in-stock copies allotted to my order, etc.. Bishal P told me the supervisor was on break. I work from home, I said I'll wait. Then after a few mins he said there was a glitch and no supervisor could be reached.


Then after I let him know I had fixed the problem myself, he kept telling me to be patient and that my order would show up (that made no sense since I fixed it) and kept offering/threatening to cancel my successful order.


Super weird and felt bizarre having customser service just decide to lie. 


Could have just said something as simple as "I do not have the capability of allotting a store copy for you, but you may be able to do so in-store". Or you'd think somewhere up the chain in BB CS, they'd be able to complete a relatively simple task like that.


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Re: Customer Service Straight Up Lies

You are not alone and understand that companies move support offshore for this reason.  I purchased an iPad over Cyber weekend and was given a shipping date of 12/14.  Initially, I thought, maybe they have another shipment coming, and all is good.  Well, the 14th came, and now I see a message telling me that if I don't get it by the 28th, they will refund my payment!  WOW, they don't have the systems to tell if something will be available over 3 weeks?


Like you I called support and asked if they would match the price for the newer model.  Of course, that was denied - as expected.  Then I found the item in a store 100 miles away and asked if they could ship it to me, which was also something they couldn't do!? Finally, I asked what are my options and was transferred to another "sales" rep who recommended that I purchase a Mac Pro. That was when I realized that they exist solely to waste our time and demoralize us until we give up and move on.


BestBuy outlasted CircuitCity, CompUSA, and others because they had some accountability and respect for their customers. Now they are following the same path and focusing on maximizing profits over the people who helped them survive the last few years. 


If we want to change this, we need to show the value of customer satisfaction.  That could be stopping shopping with them, posting our experiences, or even purchasing and returning items.  Because right now, there is no reason for them to care about the few $$$ to keep a loyal customer happy.  Once they modernize all the stores, they won't need us - right? Guess that worked out well for JCPenny.

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Re: Customer Service Straight Up Lies

We need to do something about this. They abuse their position and power and think because they are a big company they can get away with it. They stole $2k out of my bank account and cant even tell me how they got this amount from. I had bought a tv online but ended up cancelling it and tv was $1,700 yet they charged me more than $2k WEEKS later after already issuing my refund for the tv because i didnt pick it up. I posted my experience on here if u want to read it. I am going to go to the local news companies and work my way up, CNN, Whoever will listen and air my warning/message. Customer service is always in another country and language for these exact reasons. And its almost impossible to get ahold of someone in the first place because they dont take ur number down to call back if u get “disconnected “ and that happens every single time i call them. I spend 6hours on the phone wirh them one day after being hung up on multiple times..i was determined then and am now too. Hope everything works out for you and if your willing, we should recruit more customers that have been done dirty by BB and let our voices be heard!!
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Re: Customer Service Straight Up Lies

Best Buy does have the capability to turn an order for shipment into a store pickup order but it has to be done within a certain time because the fulfillment process happens quite fast this time of year with all the holiday packages going out the door. 


As far as the innacurate inventory issue it/s a Yes / No situation. As you have tested your theory out that you were able to find an item in stock and it was ready, that's great and all, you can pick it up and if you happen to get your duplicate copy in the mail / delivery courrier you can always return the unwanted copy to a local Best Buy store and they will process your refund. 


But there is always that chance that your order will get cancelled as the inventory online can lag a little bit and systems can't connect with one another in real time as one would like them to. I've had this issue with multiple retailers before and can vouch for the fact it's not just a Best Buy issue. 


Yes there is always room for improvement which is why Best Buy has an IDEA X forum above which you can always submit your ideas if you feel there is the need to improve. 

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Re: Customer Service Straight Up Lies

Their customer service is horrible and they have bad attitudes. Why do you even have customer service, Best Buy? Serious question. Your reps don't have ANY answers and they spend the majority of their workday transferring customers back and forth to each other until its time to clock out. Surely there is a better way.