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Christmas gift scheduled for delivery in time for Christmas

Hello. I don't usually shop at Best Buy, but I went in to my local store because my Sam's Club was sold out of a TV I wanted to get as a Christmas gift. The people at my Best Buy store were very nice, and I ended up placing an order online for a TV to be delivered on December 23rd (today). On Wednesday of this week, I received a call which ended up taking an hour of my workday to choose an alternate model, because I was told the model I ordered would not be available in time for Christmas delivery. I did so, and was promised and assured by the representative - multiple times - that this model would be delivered to my home in time for Christmas. The delivery is supposed to happen today. I haven't received any outreach from anyone, so I called the phone number, and the computer system assured me I had an appointment for today, and directed me to the website. On the website it claimed I had no delivery scheduled, so I've called and spoken to two different representatives who both have claimed I will not be getting my TV before Christmas & told me to schedule an appointment for after Christmas when I will not be available.

I am incredibly frustrated that Best Buy is about to cause me to fail at having the one big Christmas gift I purchased for my daughter. I am hoping I can somehow get this resolved, and simply that the company will honor their employee's promise that my delivery would happen today. Everyone else seems capable of meeting Christmas delivery deadlines. Why can't Best Buy???
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Re: Christmas gift scheduled for delivery in time for Christmas

I hope you were able to get your item. The mods are possibly off today for Christmas but they will be able to assist you. Due to this busy shopping season you may experience prolonged wait times for responses. 

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