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Shipping Order Tracking and You: A Self-Help Guide!


Hello everyone!


Welcome to our forum community!  While the pandemic has changed many things about how we shop, with online shopping being heavily impacted; one thing is always constant in that Best Buy takes a lot of orders!  


So, what can you do to help keep yourself abreast of your order status?  Here's some tips that may help:


  1. Jot down your order numbers as you place your order(s).  That way if you don't immediately get your order confirmation, you can still check on the status of your order here until the email confirmation shows up.  With the volume of orders that happen during this time, you may not receive your order confirmation email for a few days.
  2. Checking your order status here is a great way to see where your order is at.  Please keep in mind that because of the volume of orders coming in, it's not uncommon for the status of your order to be delayed as we work through processing them.
  3. Delivery services are generally inundated with packages shipping, so be prepared for possible delays due to volume, weather or both. In some cases, we may choose different carriers to deliver your order.
  4. With the large number of orders coming in, and demand outweighing supply for some products, you may receive delay emails on your order.  We will fulfill your order as soon as we can, but we have no ability to influence how fast your order is filled.
  5. Once your order is with your carrier, checking the provided tracking number will generally provide the best insight into the most up-to-date ETA, along with any delays while in transit. 
  6. If your order has exceeded the Estimated Delivery Date provided in your order shipping email and the tracking information on the carrier’s website hasn’t updated for four or more days, please send a Private Message to one of the specialists on the forums (they are identified by “–BBY” after their name), with your full name, order number, phone number and email address.
  7. Orders generally cannot be cancelled beyond the first 30 minutes after being placed.  You can find more information here.

Please know that due the volume of orders that come in, it's not feasible for us to check every customer's order status within our normal turnaround time (as much as we would like to).  For more immediate assistance, please contact us at (888) 237-8289.


TL; DR #1 - We're able to provide the same information that you can see by checking your order status here. 


TL; DR #2 – If your order has exceeded the Estimated Delivery Date provided in your shipping email and the tracking information on the carrier's website has not updated for four or more days, please send a Private Message to one of our specialists with your full name, order number, phone number and email address.


We thank you for your patience and understanding!

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Unacceptable Online Experience

I bought a video game online as I have done several times with Best Buy. In the past, they have always sent my items through USPS, which has been extremely reliable and on time. This time they decided to send it through FedEx, of course, the most unreliable shipping service that exists. My video game was expected to arrive on Thursday 11/11 but they immediately changed that date to Friday 11/12 once the order was placed. So much for their next day delivery service that they promised me at checkout. My game was not delivered until NEXT Thursday on the 18th. This game was shipped 50 minutes away from my house, and it took an entire week to be delivered! Then, once I open the package, the seal was already broken! I was shipped a "new" video game that had a broken factory seal. This video game was supposed to be a gift for my nephew, now I have to give him an opened game for his birthday. I have since cancelled all my pre-ordered video games and will never purchase anything online from this store again. Congratulations Best Buy you just lost yourself 300+ dollars. 

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UPS transfers to USPS but didnt receive

so i ordered a nintendo switch lite pokemon edition and it was being shipped by UPS. tracking shows that it was transfered to local usps to complete the delivery. ups provides a usps tracking number but it says usps is waiting to accept the transfer. ups tracking says it completed the transfer. i contacted usps and they confirmed that they have not received the transfer aand is still waiting. i contact ups and they say they do not have the package and that they transfered it. ups says they cannot conduct a search and says i need to contact the shipping company. um isnt ups the company that conducted shipping or are they refering to the shipper company i guess meaning bestbuy where i bought the item from and is shipping out the item. it ups did a transfer why do they need authorization to search for a package that was under their care and responsibilty to handle. they "transfered" the package so shuldnt they be able to do a search and track it down? this is crazy. i already know theres going to be a tag game on who says who has to do what. why cant they just find my package and i already have a feeling bestbuy aint gonna do anything about it. frustrations...

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Delayed order LSO

Hi there,

I placed an order for some headphones, and I received an email that they were delayed with the expected arrival date of Monday November 12th. LSO's tracking has not updated, and it only shows it is delayed. So, I feel like my package is likely lost. I really was hoping to have this gift soon, and I would've picked up in store if I would've known there would be so many issues. I've had issues with LSO in the past with other companies I've ordered from, and they are terrible at losing packages. I wish I would've known it was going to be shipped with them beforehand. My order is time sensitive, too.

Can someone help me with my order?
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Delayed order

[ Edited ]


I placed an order for an iPad {removed per forum guidelines} it says ship before 12/6. Is it likely to ship before that date?

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Re: Guest checkout no confirmation email.

Hello, the same thing happened to me. I ordered AirPod pros in guest check out. I got charged but I have not received a confirmation email. Will my package still arrive?? Any help please??? I’m desperate.
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Order not delivery/received

I ordered 2 smartphone from Best Buy to replace my old unit and a birthday gift to my wife (sad, already missed the timeframe)

Order placed at Bestbuy on 10Nov , with a commitment date of 15Nov. However, the parcel was never received and stucked over 2 weeks!!!


  1. Shipment Delayed; Delivery Date Updated Mon, Nov 29, 6:18 p.m.Vancouver, WA
  2. Shipment Delayed; Delivery Date Updated Fri, Nov 26, 6:03 p.m.Vancouver, WA
  3. Shipment Delayed; Delivery Date Updated Thu, Nov 25, 6:01 p.m.Vancouver, WA
  4. Shipment Delayed; Delivery Date Updated Wed, Nov 24, 6:03 p.m.Vancouver, WA
  5. Shipment Delayed; Delivery Date Updated Tue, Nov 23, 6:04 p.m.Vancouver, WA
  6. Shipment Delayed; Delivery Date Updated Mon, Nov 22, 6:02 p.m.Vancouver, WA
  7. Shipment Delayed; Delivery Date Updated Fri, Nov 19, 6:03 p.m.Vancouver, WA
  8. Shipment Delayed; Delivery Date Updated Thu, Nov 18, 6:04 p.m.Vancouver, WA
  9. Shipment Delayed; Delivery Date Updated Wed, Nov 17, 6:04 p.m.Vancouver, WA
  10. Shipment Delayed; Delivery Date Updated Tue, Nov 16, 6:09 p.m.Vancouver, WA
  11. Shipment Delayed; Delivery Date Updated Mon, Nov 15, 6:06 p.m.Vancouver, WA
  12. Package arrived at destination facility.Sat, Nov 13, 8:37 a.m.Vancouver, WA
  13. Origination scan.Fri, Nov 12, 12:25 p.m.Reno, NV
  14. Origination scan.Fri, Nov 12, 12:14 p.m.Reno, NV
  15. Origination scan.Thu, Nov 11, 6:43 p.m.VISALIA, CA

On 24Nov, Ontrac support said they will request their warehouse for an estimated delivery time and will send an update. But that was over a week ago and still no email came yet. Any help will be appreciated.


Thanks and regards



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I ordered for store pickup the same day.  Order status says "We'll email you when it's ready for pickup."  I have not received an email to pick up the order.  I called the store, getting the "main" phone center.  No one there could help other than what is on the order status.  On one call I was told to wait another hour or 3.  The store is 75 miles from me.  I asked customer service to contact the store.  They said they can't!  How can I contact the store?  I want to find out the actual status.

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No confirmation email

I ordered some appliances on their website since they where runing the Black Friday Specails.  I placed my order on November 30, 2021 and received a order number.  When I check on their webiste for the status of my order it states that a confirmation email will take a little longer than ususal, this has been going on for 3 days.  When I contact customer service they can't figure it out and was on the phone for over 2 hours, and then was disconnected. 


My credit card has been charged $2,407.54 and the specials are no longer avialable.  Best Buy can't find any order placed but yet I have a order number.  What can I do?  

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Refund for Expedited Shipping

Hi! I got back home today after a long day and I checked the shipping status on my computer. It says it's been delayed to come to my house until Monday. I paid a substantial amount of money for the shipping. I was hoping to see my package when I came back home only to have disappointment. All I'm asking is if I can please get a refund on my shipping.