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Ready to Post? Read Me First!


Hello, All,


During the holiday season, there are a lot of you who have questions and concerns, and we definitely want to help as quickly as we can!  Here's how you can ensure the best experience with our forums:


  1. Please only post once, multiple posts will not get you a faster response and additional posts will be removed as spam
  2. Please do not private message us unless we ask you for details, private messages are not responded to faster than public posts, and may delay your response time
  3. Please stay on your thread, posting on other's threads can delay your response time as well as the person whose thread you add onto.  If we need to, we'll merge your posts together.
  4. For concerns that have a common solution/process, we may merge multiple posts together on one thread, so that all know to follow that solution/process for assistance.

Thanks for your understanding and patience.  Have a Happy Holiday Season!