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Problem with the Payment Info on Your Order?


Hey, friends,


Welcome to our community forums! The holiday season can be crazy and we want to provide some direction for those of you here who may experience some confusion with your payment information on an order.  Generally, you'll have received an email stating that your order has a "Failed Authorization" or you may see this as the status of your order when you check its status, but this would apply to any situation where your order payment needs attention.


If you've recently placed an order, only to find out that the authorization has failed and you need to update your payment method, we hate to say it but our team here is not equipped to get you taken care of. Instead, please follow these quick steps:


  1. Call your bank. Explain the situation and work with them to ensure everything is fine on their end. 
  2. Call our friends at (888) BEST-BUY or (888) 237-8289 so they can properly assist with updating your order.



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Please update your payment information.

Please update your payment information.

We were unable to process your order with the payment information you provided during checkout.

when i clicked the "update payemnt" just shows We're Sorry Self Service is currently unavailable. Please try again later.

Called consumer services 5 times. wasting my whole day. Nobody can' t add the new card. my bank says the payment already pending. can someone just help me fix this. my order almost cancel! it's the gift for my mom