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Keep Your Gifts a Surprise: Shipping and Store Pickup

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Hello, Fellow Community Members!


For many people, gifting is an important aspect of their holiday celebrations. It’s understandable that some may want to keep their gifts a surprise for as long as possible. Here’s some quick information to help plan out your gifting.


  • Some Items may be shipped in a box that reveals the contents.  This is especially true for larger items.  This can oftern be the same packaging that you would see on the shfelf at a store.  Be sure to keep an eye out for this messaging at check-out:

Packaging Reveals What's Inside

With the increased demand that tends to occur during this time of year, there may be times when items that don’t include this messaging online may be shipped in a box that reveals the contents.


  • Items that are shipped may be left in the open at your home at delivery. This includes items that would normally require a signature. To help keep workers and customers safe during the pandemic, many couriers are waiving signature requirements, which means that you may not receive the door knock or doorbell ring that you’re accustomed to. You may want to consider contacting the courier to arrange for pickup at a designated location if you won’t be home to collect your package before the giftee might see it.

  • Look out for order confirmations and receipts in your email inbox. When an order is placed through our website or at any of our stores, we’ll send an email confirmation with your order number and a preview of what the order includes. Be sure to use a personal email address if you usually share an inbox with the person your gift is for. Receipts for store pickups, purchases, service plans, order updates, and more may also be sent via email.

  • Our doors (and curbs) are open – place your order for Store Pickup! One of the best ways to take control of your surprise is to pick your order up at the store. Store orders can be picked up at the designated area in the store, but they can also be brought to your car via curbside service. We’ll send you an email when everything is ready. Check out our safety protocols before stopping in.

TLDR: We recommend using store pickup for any gifts that are meant to be a surprise. Be sure to use personal contact information instead of shared information when placing an order.