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Shipping Order Tracking and You: A Self-Help Guide!

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Hello everyone!


Welcome to our forum community!  While this holiday season is sure to look different, especially during the normally incredibly busy Black Friday weekend leading into Cyber Monday week; one thing is always constant in that Best Buy takes a lot of orders!  


So, what can you do to help keep yourself abreast of your order status?  Here's some tips that may help:


  1. Jot down your order numbers as you place your order(s).  That way if you don't immediately get your order confirmation, you can still check on the status of your order here until the email confirmation shows up.  With the volume of orders that happen during this time, you may not receive your order confirmation email for a few days.
  2. Checking your order status here is a great way to see where your order is at.  Please keep in mind that because of the volume of orders coming in, it's not uncommon for the status of your order to be delayed by 7-10 days as we work through processing them.
  3. Delivery services are generally inundated with packages shipping during the holiday, so be prepared for possible delays due to volume, weather or both. In some cases, we may choose different carriers to deliver your order.
  4. With the large number of orders coming in, and demand outweighing supply for some products, you may receive delay emails on your order.  We will fulfill your order as soon as we can, but we have no ability to influence how fast your order is filled.
  5. Once your order is with your carrier, checking the provided tracking number will generally provide the best insight into the most up-to-date ETA, along with any delays while in transit. 
  6. If your order has exceeded the Estimated Delivery Date provided in your order shipping email and the tracking information on the carrier’s website hasn’t updated for four or more days, please send a Private Message to one of the specialists on the forums (they are identified by “–BBY” after their name), with your full name, order number, phone number and email address.
  7. Orders generally cannot be cancelled beyond the first 30 minutes after being placed.  You can find more information here.


Please know that due the volume of orders that come in, it's not feasible for us to check every customer's order status within our normal turnaround time (as much as we would like to).  For more immediate assistance, please contact us at (888) 237-8289.


TL; DR #1 - We're able to provide the same information that you can see by checking your order status here. 


TL; DR #2 – If your order has exceeded the Estimated Delivery Date provided in your shipping email and the tracking information on the carrier's website has not updated for four or more days, please send a Private Message to one of our specialists with your full name, order number, phone number and email address.


We thank you for your patience and understanding and Happy Holidays!

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Formal Complaint

I bought a hyper volt massage device online on November 10th. The store put it to a delayed order somehow and I wait till November 18, called them. The customer service was fine and promised me to have my item ship in one day. However, I never receive it, and the status of my order is “shipped” now, but without any tracking information! No tracking information and no item at all! I am still waiting, I called 4 more times but none of those phone calls actually solved my problem. Today, November 27, I still got nothing but a loss of 300 dollars. Some one help me out!

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What do the order statuses mean when calling in?

I've my order has gone through two statuses, something like "Awaiting pickup by carrier" and then "Being prepared and will be on its way soon", which makes it seem like it's going backwards


This is for a curbside pickup. 


Can someone share a list of possible order statuses in their appropriate sequence? 

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Re: What do the order statuses mean when calling in?

Perhaps your local store did not have it but they are sending something from another store? This is my thought.

***Please keep in mind that I am not employed by Best Buy and are just a regular forums Super User and an everyday shopper like you. If you find my posting helpful, please add kudos to it. Remember to mark answered questions as solved if something helped you to speed up the answer queue for other customers***
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Online Order / Product taken ? RTX 3070

I did an online order and it was supposed to arrived at Malborough Best Buy on November 25, 2020. I went to the store because i was picking up another product. Since it was a cell phone i needed to walk in the store. My wait time was extended thanks to the carrier (not best buy fault)  so I decided to ask around for my pending online purchase that was supposed to arrive that day.

At this moment one of the employees told me the following

"Your product is there because the truck just got here but we need to proccess it first and it may take a while"


I was ok with this since I live nearby and told him:

" Im good I can return later tonight or Friday" At this moment my order now shows as a "Pickup Delay" and with the following "If we can't get it to the store by Wed, December 2, we'll let you know and cancel the order." I spend days trying to get this product wich now is out of sock. And I can now only think that someone took the product for them or for a friend. if this is the case, This will be unfair to other customers outside the best buy employee , friends or family.

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UPS never received package. Online chat absolutely no help



I ordered 2 items back in October.  One item was shipped and received, the other says shipped, but if you track it, your website says:


10/31/2020 - Initiated


UPS says 10/31/2020 - Label Created.


So assuming my package was lost somewhere before UPS even received it or the label was lost or something, since it has been a month.


I tried explaning this to chat, and all she would say (repeatedly) was I need to check with UPS as the package was shipped on 10/31.


It is only a $14 item and I could just dispute with my CC, but I was hoping you could actually fulfil the order.


Thanks in advance for your assistance,



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In-store pickup order delay automatic cancellation?

I ordered a graphics card on November 20th with a pickup date of Saturday, November 28th. I was very happy about the purchase right up until the point where I received an order delayed email at close of business on the 28th. Thus far there has been no movement on the order.


I am fine with waiting a bit longer, as this is the exact card that I wanted, and hopefully it will be available for pickup within the next few days - but the order status says it will be auto-cancelled if not available by December 5th. Is there a way to push out this date, or remove the automatic cancellation, in the event that it does not arrive on time, or am I potentially just out of luck on the 5th on a purchase that took me weeks to have an opportunity to even make in the first place?

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Worst support I've ever had

I have now tried several time to solve the problem with my order from 16th of November. Unfortunalty neither the chat nor the agent on the phone was able to help me. Every time they told me the problem is solved, but nothing changed. My order is still on delay. Not even cancel is possible. I've been a Best Buy Customer for so long, but such a treatment is new for me. I'am very frustrated and disappointed and I'm still waiting for a solution for the problem. What can I do?


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Lost Order!?



An order I placed online a while ago changed status on 11/20 stating it was "shipped" utilizing OnTrac.  Since then, the status has not changed. Per their own site, only the shipping label has been created.


I don't want to lose the sale prices I placed this order with.  And based on prior topics, OnTrac seems to persistently have shipping issues.





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Order Stuck in Pre-Shipment

I ordered something on November 24th and was expected to receive the item today. However, whenever I check on the tracker status it says that the item is still in pre-shipment since the 27th. My credit card has already been charged and I would like to know if I can still expect to recieve the item in a reasonable time frame or if I should be considering a credit card charge back.