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Best Buy Price Match

So I purchased a Google Pixel 3A before the period Best Buy Does not Price Match for 399 from


I saw the price on this morning for 299 but when i called customer service they would not price match.


The policy says 15 days from purchase which it is less than that and the price cant be between the sunday before thanksgiving and cyber monday.  Today 12/3/2019 is tuesday?  Its not my fault that Best buy didnt end their cyber monday sale on monday and were still offering that price on tuesday.


So were you still selling the Google Pixel 3A for 299 today 12/3/2019 for part of the day yes or no?


Should i not get the discounted price based on Best Buys Own Price Match Policy?


Multiple websites reported that best buy still had alot of he prices still available tuesday.

Best Buy doesn't seem to have noticed that it's Tuesday.  according to cnet

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Re: GCU now enabled for Black Friday games, why wasn't this communicated?

@romeoteknik wrote:

Mix GCU gaming posts with everything else not related under 1 topic? Wow, really?



Yep, had I known GCU could be used after Black Friday on the Cyber deals, I would've waited. I read on other forums that some went in-store to do return/rebuy, but the employees refused and said once you return, you can't rebuy them. Glad I didn't bother wasting my time.


This is something online support could take care of in under 5 minutes. All they have to do is go to our orders, apply GCU, refund the difference, which in all honesty is a couple of bucks.


That good faith would've made me make a new order with some other games I had in mind. More sales for them. A win-win for the customer and Best Buy.


But NO, instead it's basically "too bad" as noted easlier by BB support, customers are frustrated and no additional sales. How does this make any business sense? 


Seems like they were just planning on ignoring the GCU concerns until the sales ended and it became a moot point... But yeah, they could have at least been up front about it and given a date range for when specifically GCU wouldn't be applied to orders, especially since Black Friday sales have pretty much been going on all month.


I ended up making a second order to get the GCU discounts, and I'll just go in store and return the old orders when I'm near a Best Buy. Definitely not ideal, but it'll do. 

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Re: Best Buy Price Match

Not every deal from this past weekend expired, there are still plenty of items that remain on sale.

The phone in question did return to $399 today, and to qualify for a price match the price must be currently active in order to match. If the price was no longer valid when you contacted customer service, they were correct in denying the price match.

Hope this clears it up.
I am a Best Buy Employee, but the views that I post are my own and not that of Best Buy.
***Know that I am not able to issue official responses and that my posts are only here to help before an official response is offered by a Best Buy Social Media Specialist***
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Black Friday sale price change

I went into Best Buy on the Sunday their "Black Friday" sale started and bought a Westinghouse 50" TV after confirming with an employee that this was the final sale price ($200). When I returned Thursday night the same TV was marked down to $150. I politely asked for a price adjustment and the employee didn't even look up at me while I spoke. I guess I should have bought the TV and returned my $200 TV but I was so flustered by how rude the employee was and annoyed at being lied to by the first employee that I left before I took it out on someone who didn't deserve it. Price adjustments are a thing I remember Best Buy offering (if something goes on sale within 15 days of your purchase) so I don't really understand why it wasn't a thing within the same sale.

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Re: Black Friday sale price change

Glad to see they are just throwing all of these different complaints into one thread they can ignore. Won't be buying from Best Buy in the future.

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Re: Black Friday sale price change

Best Buy never care about customers and everytime they have an excuse for not doing price match. I will never buy anything from Best Buy or recommend it to any one.


They don't even care about these posts , I have posted my complain on Dec 2 2019 but, never got any reponse.


I hope they understand that, they are losing more and more customers if they continue treating them like this.


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Dismal Service - Buyer Beware

I have been in retail and customer service for over 20 years.  I understand the need for policies but there should also be someone with authority that can make a common sense decision that serves the customer.


On 10/31/19, I purchased a $250 eero mesh router system.  The young man that helped me in store was fantastic.  He listened to my needs, offered me options and provided excellent customer service with his suggestions and friendly attitude.


Unfortunately, customer service has ruined my pleasant experience.


The item I ordered went on sale for Black Friday.  If I had purchased my item less than 12 hours later, on 11/1/19, then BB would refund me/price match the $90 savings.  However, after spending 45 minutes on the phone with someone that originally told me "no problem", I was told there is nothing they can do.  Absolutely nothing.  Not half credit.  Not a gift card.  NADA.  ZIP.  ZERO.  NILCH.  Normally, I am not one of those people that complain about price changes because I work in the industry and understand how things work, however, this is just poor customer service.  Your own policy would have provided me the refund, no questions asked, if I had purchase the item 12 hours later.  12 hours. 


I purchase for a family of 6 plus for a small business that is located less than 1 mile from the store.  Generally speaking, we spend anywhere from $1000-10,000 a year with best buy.  I have recommended the store to friends and family and am at a loss for words at the absolute lack of customer service from a company that I really did appreciate.


It's too bad they did not appreciate my business and use some common sense to find a win-win solution for both of us.  Apparently, I will have to cave and start buying online from other retailers.


What a terrible way to treat the individuals that keep your business going.


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Price Match Policy

Hi, I originally wrote this email to Best Buy on Sunday 12/1/2019 but have not received a reply:
I have been a Best Buy customer for decades, mainly because of the confidence in the company's price match policy.  Two days ago (Friday 11/29) I purchased an iPad from ($249.99).  I picked up the Ipad in-store on Saturday 11/30.  Today on 12/1 I see that Target is offering the Ipad for $229.99. The product is unopened so I thought a simple price match would work. But after long conversations with online support I am told this is not possible. 
As a loyal customer, I am extremely disappointed and frustrated. I feel terribly mislead by a store policy that exists for 361 days of the year, but changes for 4 days of the year.  Even a store associate at the Union Square location did not realize this policy when I was separately shopping for a laptop - he explicitly promised a price match on Black Friday.
The Ipad product is unopened and can be return with free shipping.  I can order the product at Target and pick it up with a 10 minute walk. I prefer not to do this because it is a waste of everyone's time and resources.  Best Buy would lose the sale and incur the extra return shipping expense.  It is not efficient.
I respectfully ask as a one-time exception if there is anything that you can do?  I don't mean to sound negative, but I will NOT continue to support Best Buy in the future if the company is going to take a hard stance regarding a misleading change to policy for 4 days, which even the store associates are unclear of. 
Thank you,
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Re: Price Match Policy

The price match for other companies is only at time of purchase at the register.... they price match themselves during your return period.
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Re: Price Match Policy

Appreciate the reply, but is there a way an official Best Buy associate canreply?  Price match at point of sale vs price adjustment 2 days later when person can return / re-buy the item is same functional thing.