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Unable to Return or Exchange Damage TV

During Black Friday my siblings and i purchased a Samsung 65" TV more our mother as a Christmas Present. We debated if we should open the box and make sure the TV was in good conditions but since the packaging appear in good conditions we deciding not to check it out and wrap it up. Long story short the day we open the box we got the legs on the TV and plugged it in. We turn the TV and noticed that the bottom right corner of the TV the image appeared blurry. So we turn it off and and back on again and still the same issue. 


I we took the TV to Best Buy and the associate helping us told us they could not exchange the TV as the TV appear dusty claimig we had been using it andt the  box wasn't damamge and insinuated it was something we had done. Now they are telling they can't do nothing about. 


The next day i called bestbuy customer service and the person i talked to told me to go back in ans ask for the store director and there was no reason for why they wouldn't return/ exchange the item if i was still within the bestbuy holiday return policies. 


TV are not cheap and i believe they should advise customers that they wont exchange return TV that aren't in working conditions if BOX isn't damage. 


I am on my way to best buy! Wish me luck! Has anyone else witness something similar.