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I made a purchase of several items over a week ago and the BB website says my items have shipped, but when i contacted the shipping company it was stated that the items really havent been shipped and i should contact the seller. I can give an order number but dont want to in this public forum for obvious reasons. Please tell me how to talk with someone directly to resolve the issue and I do not have access to a phone to call in where I am located. 

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Order still says procesing

I’ve placed an order on December 28th!! I’m suppose to pick it up at the store tomorrow January 11th and it still says the same thing “in progress.” The cards been charged but there’s no update in my order. When will the “in progress” be updated to the date I can pick it up? I went over to Best Buy and asked a representative for pick up he said it should be available by tomorrow or the next day. But it still says “In progress” why cant Best Buy update its customers putting in their moneys worth to get what they want. Originally my item wasn’t in stock so I had it ordered to get it by tomorrow!

What’s going on with my order!?!!!!!
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Re: Order has been ‘Preparing’ for days