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One of my items missing. Says item delivered but not received.

I receieved all my ordered items except one. Says delivbered but not. Please assist.


Missing item: Sphero BB-8

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Re: One of my items missing. Says item delivered but not received.

Hello everyone,


Getting ahead on your holiday shopping is always a great idea in my book, so I can imagine your dismay when you discovered your package missing after it was delivered. We certainly don't want you paying for something you ultimately never received, so we appreciate you reaching out to us for further assistance.


If you haven't already, please follow the steps outlined here in our informational post. We'll be happy to help sort things out however possible.


Happy holidays,

Alexandra|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Order Says Delivered But Not Received

What is going on: I got a notification yesterday saying that the keyboard I ordered among 3 of my BF purchases was delivered. When I got home, it was nowhere to be found while my Amazon purchases also shipped by UPS was there. I asked neighbors and checked many times. I was not able to find it. I called Bestbuy Customer Service and was told to call UPS. UPS told me to call Bestbuy. So much back and forth today I was finally able to file an investigation with UPS. I just want to have my stuff shipped to me as the keyboard was my favorite purchase during BF. Please help me out. Thank you.

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Missing Order!

According to the USPS, a Google Home Mini I ordered arrived at 8:33pm and was left at my mailbox on Monday, November 26. Today is the 29th and I still do not have the Mini. I was able to go back and review any video I picked up off of my Ring doorbell, and no USPS delivery was made. Now what?

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Delivery issues

I'm from Brazil, and will be in NJ from December 1st to December 10th. So, I've made a purchase on November 23rd, and was scheduled to deliver by December 4th. The thing is, accordingly to UPS, my package was left at the stairs of building, since Best buy didn't require any signature uppon delivery, yesterday November 28th! 1 week ahead of what was scheduled, and 4 days prior to my arrival. Then, I've contacted the landlord, and asked him to keep the package for me, so he looked everywhere and it wasn't anywhere to be found. As I've mentioned. I've already contacted UPS, and they said that Best Buy should be the ones contacting them, to speed up the investigation process, so they could try to locate my package.
It's an apartment building, with a lot of people coming and going, how do you just leave something on the stairs?!
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Missing item from online order

Hello I am missing the Ring video doorbell I ordered from Upon receiving my order yesterday I noticed it wasn't included with my other items however it was also listed as "in transit" on the tracking info. Later last night, hours later I received an email claiming it was delivered, which it wasn't. The email arrived at 11:40 pm. I've never had this issue before and I'm concerned how I can prove an item I didnt receive didn't actually arrive.
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Item not received

I ordered an speakers last week and the tracking says it is delivered yesterday. I read a few posts and decided to give it a day. However, I still seeing nothing today. Please help. I can provide whatever information is needed. Thanks.

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Package tracking shows Delivered but it never arrived

We've been having a problem lately with our mail carrier leaving packages in front of our building's main entrence window. I'm convinced this item got stolen. This is really frustrating. USPS lists the item as "at/in mailbox" but there was no packages inside the mailbox. We checked the box daily this week and it lists the item as having arrived the 28th. 

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Package says Delivered but it never arrived

I bought a Samsung Chromebook 3 on Nov. 21st. OnTrac than said that they delivered the package on Nov 24th at 10:30am. There were people home and able to get the package if a signature was needed, however there was no knock or doorbell ring from the delivery man. It is now Nov 29th and still no package. My other item from the purchase came just fine too.

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Item set as delivered but I still haven’t received it

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I made an order {removed per forum guidelines} that was delivered in 3 parts, I received 2 parts but I didn’t receive 1 of them, and is set as “delivered” in my purchase history, when I track it by the tracking number (FedEx) it says it has been delivered at the front door but I’ve been waiting the items since their status was set as “out for delivery” and I received the items but the one I’m writing about.

I would appreciate your help with this, I’m a elite plus member and this never happened to me before.