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Missing/Lost Package

Why are we responsible for lost packages? 


The rep told me I would be given a one time courtesy for reshipping an item.  Then she proceeded to tell me that the item is no longer available even though it still was at


Very frustrating customer service experience.  

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missing/stolen package

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What is the process for missing or stolen packages.  UPS tracking claims the package was left at the front door but its nowhere to be found.  

My order : {removed per forum guidelines}

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Part of Order says its delivered, but its not

Hello - One of the items was not been delivered at the front door, but the order tracking history says it's been delivered (Your item was delivered at the front door or porch at 3:54 pm on November 21, 2018). 


Can you help me with this?



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I ordered two items on Friday. Originally it said it would be delivered this coming Thursday. UPS says they had it delivered on Saturday at 11:31 am. I checked at noon yesterday but haven't found my package anywhere, even checked with neighbours. Please help
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Re: Part of Order says its delivered, but its not

Have you checked everywhere you can think of to see if a package was left around or with neighbors?

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My package is marked as delivered but was never delivered.

My package was marked as delivered 11/24/2018 @ 6:58 but never arrived. I was home at the time and USPS has it marked as delivered on their tracking but no one ever darkened my doorstep.
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My order is missing

Hi, I ordered some movies and my tracking states they have been delivered but I never received them.
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Loss/miss package



I want to ask about what is the process for missing or stolen packages.  UPS tracking claims the package was released, which I assume in the package room in my apartment building but its nowhere to be found, and I have checked everywhere. 


I do not understand that an item worth several hundred dollars would be delivered without a signature.

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Package Not Delivered

Marked as delivered by UPS today at 4:09pm but still not here at ~6pm. I even saw them drive through the neighborhood around 4 but they did not stop. 🤔 UPS customer service says they cannot help with this order to contact you...
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Order is lost.

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This is why I don’t like Best Buy. I can’t get one single person on the phone to find my package which shows delivered on Saturday 11/24.

Order number is (removed per forum guidelines)

Can someone in the support team find the package?

Also please look into text support like other companies do. I wasted my 12 minutes waiting on the phone.