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Expected better customer service for lost pakage

 When the carrier said that they had loast the item and I contacted bestbuy, they said that I need to contact carrier and get the reimbursement myself and there is nothing bestbuy can do. I specifically asked if there is any support bestbuy can provide in this case and the bestbuy representative said "No".


However, I recieved my package as the carrier finally tracked down my package. I understand it is holiday season and it is busy. Had bestbuy asked me to wait for some days and see, even that I could have understood Other would not) but saying they can not back their customer when in trouble, I expected better service.


Maybe, if my package has not been tracked, and I had kept bugging, they might have helped as I saw in some posts that bestbuy infact did help but in my case, it was a bad experience and I hope bestbuy will help their other customers in the future and not let me go through my experience. I hope bestbuy takes it as a positive criticism.