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Christmas gifts not received now in limbo w/ only a few days left

I ordered same day delivery for 8 items.  7 shipped at 3:17pm and a text notification was sent.  My husband let me know the status.  I decided to check at 5pm to see if there was an update or eta.  To my suprise, it said delivered at 3:58pm.  How is that possible as I was home, no door bell ring, my front door is full glass, noone stepped on my porch because I have a high strung dog that stares out the window and barks at any movement.  And still no text or email confirmation of delivery, just my finding from looking on account status by logging in.  So to the annoying part.  I call customer service who transfers me several times until I finally reach a "manager" who can help.  Basically, I just repeat my order number and she tells me what I already know about the times in transit and supposed delivery.  I ask what the next steps are - remember it is the 21st and there are only a few days before Christmas Eve when I need these gifts.  So, she says she needs to research and that she will get back to me when she returns to work next week after Christmas.  Remember, we are not told if we will be issued a refund, items replaced, investigation on why my delivery is not here.  Nothing just will get back next week.  We had to ask for the shipper info and she tells us we can try calling them ourselves.  The number she gave us was not correct.  My husband joins in on trying to get assistance.  We call Best Buy 2 more times and are transferred to the 1 day ship people who just say sorry we are frustrated then proceed to just confirm once again the info we already know in regard to times. We finally reach a branch of the shipper and luckily a nice person makes calls for over an hour trying to figure out who can help.  This shipping place Geodis, gets us to the subcontrator Kanga who reorders our items.  So, now we at least know we are going to get a replacement.  But, they do not know when - should be on the 23rd.  They are at the mercy of Best Buy.  So, why can I go reorder everything and receive on the 22nd, but they can't reorder amd receive until the 23rd.  I even offer to pick up this time . That ldate eaves liitle room for error.  What if it does not work out?  And, really where are my items?  Kanga driver says left on porch - ummm not my porch!  Ive put a post on neighborhhood site and noone received.  I do not want to wait. I need options to get my items asap - all 8.  Last piece is that the 8th item says available after 1/20/19, but the identical item is being re-shipped and I ordered 2 more to go to another location as a gift with no issue.  I can add to cart and go to checkout with next day pick up so why is the one I ordered say its delayed?  Best Buy, you can do better.  I've wasted 4 hours of my night trying to sort out your issue.  Why is the shipper & customer figuring this out for you?     

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Re: Christmas gifts not received now in limbo w/ only a few days left

Good afternoon, beckbake77,


Thank you for joining our Support Forums to share your experience with us, although I do wish your visit were under more positive circumstances.  From what you’ve described, your delivery experience is far from what we hope our customers will receive when shopping with us.  With that said, I’ll be happy to review your order further, and offer any additional assistance I can.


I’ve been unable to locate your purchase using the information you’ve provided upon joining our forums, so for me to begin my research, there’s a few pieces of additional information I’ll need to gather from you.  If you could use the blue “Private Message” button in my signature to send me:


  • Your first and last name
  • Your phone number
  • Your email address
  • Your order number


This should be enough information for me to begin my research.  As I’ve mentioned, you’ll want to use the blue “Private Message” button in my signature, to keep your sensitive information out of the public view of our forums.


Looking forward to hearing from you,

SeanM|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Christmas gifts not received now in limbo w/ only a few days left

UPDATE:  7 of the 8 items arrived the next day.  The 8th a few days later.  So, beware - the courier is under pressure to meet deadlines.  They may mark DELIVERED which would throw most people in a panic if a box of 7 high $$ electronic items were not actually delivered.  Then you contact Best Buy and they treat you like it's your fault they are not on your porch because their notes say they were - WOW! I simply asked to be refunded the $5 same day delivery fee back to the card it was charged to since they were not delivered same day and here is the kicker - they need to speak to the spouse that placed the order online even though both names are on account, both on credit card, live at same address, and it's in the record both called customer service multiple times on the day this happened. 

The 3rd party courier was willing to rebuy all my items and get them delivered prior to the box surfacing.  Here's why...They are obligated to call you if you are not there to sign and they are supposed to take a photo for proof of delivery if left (neither happened becuase as you know they were not delivered as indicated!).  Still no follow up from Best Buy, who has no way to know that we actually received the items as we communicated receipt to the Courier service management - people we had to locate on our own with no help from BB.  Except BB is now making us jump through hoops to try to get our shipping fee reimbursed because they suspect there would be an ulterior motive for the non-ordering spouse to ask for a shipping refund. 

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Re: Christmas gifts not received now in limbo w/ only a few days left

There is no alterior motive. Per company policy at Best Buy they need to speak to the person who placed the order. No one is accusing you of lying this is for security policy only. Just let them speak and get it over with. 

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