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fitness wearables

Fitness trackers are designed to sync with your smartphone, but make sure that the device you're considering is compatible with your specific handset. Most fitness trackers sync with both iOS and Android.

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Re: fitness wearables

Thanks for sharing the informative post.

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Re: fitness wearables

I think fitness tracker is just a waste of money, they are not for a normal person. If you are going to compete then only I suggest them to you other wise just get some knowlege about your food that's it

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Re: fitness wearables

I do hope you don't tranfer your opinion and attitude to your customers.  You might feel confident in your ability to monitor these things for yourself but you do not know what someone else is struggling with.  The fitness trackers are good if you are trying to keep track of your steps and increase how many you do a day.  They also help you track your heart rate, your calories burned and your calorie intake. and so many other things.  These products work well and help you be aware of your goals and how well you are accomplishing them or where your downfalls are.  As the saying goes "the struggle is real", it might not be real for you but it is real for others and that does not make us not "normal" though quite honestly i find NORMAL boring..   Have a great day. 

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Re: fitness wearables

The company I work for has a great heath program.  We get singnificant discounts and benefits by participating in a company wide incentive programs.


One of the ways we can participate is to sync a fitness device to the program.  It then automaticaly records your steps.


So I have had my Fitbit synced.


There is a recommendation that you should try to get 10,000 steps every day.   I have found that when your educated to this and have a fitness tracker you can become more aware of what you are doing. 


Quite often myself and my co-workers will comment on making our steps for the day.


Long story short. I disagree, a fitness tracker is not a waste of money.  They are for normal people.  Becuase normal people can often NEED that motivation. It is the expeptional people that don't need them becuase they are motivated. 

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Re: fitness wearables

The info is helpful. Smiley Happy